Daily Archive for March 14th, 2004

Another Murphy update

I found out earlier this week that the vets have determined that Murphy’s hind legs are indeed paralyzed and that she will need a cart. They went to take her to be measured for the cart on Friday & ordered it the same day. They hope that Murph will have her cart by the end of this week.

It’s been a Ruff Day…
Click to see Murphy even bigger!
I took this photo when I last went to play ball with Murph at the end of December. I get a little crazy when I get excited about things (can you imagine?) and I kind of wore her out. This is Murphy looking at me like I made her run a marathon or ten.

Positive thoughts for Murphy are still happily being accepted.

Need to get caught up on Murphy?
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Pictures of Murphy: Headshot, Looking out the window

I went to visit him.

Like I had nothing else to do today.

My list of things to do only has 120398470938274 things.

We won’t talk about how I was supposed to be in the office this morning. And packing. And bills.

Anyway. I went to see him. He is the sweetest thing. I wish our new place allowed dogs.

He is not meant to be MINE but he is meant to have a good home. (sigh)

Rusty has an alias!

Rusty is also known as Kazoo.

I fell in love with him when he looked like this!

They took some new pictures of him and he is completely adorable! He’s even been listed on craigslist.

Look how cute he is when he's cleaned up!

Guess what?! My brother has tentatively agreed to adopt Rusty/Kazoo, pending the approval of Mom, who is in TAIWAN!

But I fell in love with him way before these pictures!

I got an email from the foster home Kazoo was staying in this week. He is back in San Diego and I’ve got the application in my inbox, waiting for me to fill out.

Hang on Rusty/Kazoo… I want this Martian Taiwanese dog to come home with us!

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