Moving sucks, but Silver Lining #3 is…

… I now know of a wonderful apartment that is available… crackhouse adjacent!

Call me a snob, but if you go to check out an apartment and you pass 2 bums with shopping carts on your way to the front door and there is a crackhouse across the street, you probably should just leave.

However, the manager of the building had been really nice to me over the phone and she was expecting us, so I figured we should go and take a tour anyway.

I am grateful we came here because I was reminded not to “judge a book by its cover” since the apartment itself was actually quite nice… large, spacious, HIGH ceilings with plenty of light, a crazy amount of closet space, a balcony overlooking an incredible view of the hills, and the ability to have a (funny-looking) small dog. But Yoshi said that we weren’t allowed to live there. I said that it was a “last resort” type of place. So that place was (almost) everything we wanted EXCEPT for the location/neighborhood.

Although we don’t have anything against crackwhores per se, we just don’t think we’d ‘fit’ well in a neighborhood with them.

And obviously, we don’t have anything against homeless people, either… seeing as we shall soon be joining their ranks if we don’t find a place soon!

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5 Responses to “Moving sucks, but Silver Lining #3 is…”

  • Come on, now. Crack whores are part of the local culture, and they help keep the economy going with their entrepeneurial spirit. Bums are clearly there for you to have something to look at when you bore of your view of the hills. And their shopping carts add an artistic flair – they are always decorated with various blankets and found items, making them a lovely piece of moveable art that adds cultural flavor to your neighborhood.

  • Email me and let me know your price range. I know of a few great places…available right now.

  • OK….I HAD TO COPY THIS. Beverly Hills crime:

    Occurred between 6:30pm and 6:45pm om 3/7/04 on the 900 block of North Palm Drive.
    Suspect: Male, white, 30, 5’8″, 170 pounds, bald. No further description. Suspect entered the victim’s (ex-girlfriend’s) lodation. Susptect removed his personal property and fled the location.

    –Beverly Hills Courier, March 12, 2004

    Boy, the excitement here just keeps coming. damn you, joz with your crack houses and homeless. :)

  • here are the two major advantages to living so close to crackwhores: 1. you always know someone who can get you crack 2. you always know somewhere to get a whore.

    and they can give you tips on makeup!

    and they can tellyou what the undercover cops look like too!

    trust me, all of those reasons have come in very handy in the past. and they usually bake good cookies!

  • Don’t do it! In the first apartment we lived in when we moved to the US, the people below us were drug dealers and the couple next to us were crackheads. The cops were there so often, our living room was like a disco with strobing red and blue lights all night.

    Then the crackhead next door threw his girlfriend down the stairs. We moved.

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