Another reason The NY Post sucks…

THIS is their front page story.


DEATH can’t part Christopher Lam from his beloved – he plans to wed tragic NYU student Diana Chien, whose suicide leap from a Midtown rooftop Saturday shook the school and the city.

“I am still going to marry her,” said Lam, who proposed to the beautiful NYU sophomore in January. [full story]

The headline and lead is written as if the guy wants to marry Elvis’s dead alien horse or something… it is in extremely sensationalistic, exploitative tabloid-style. To say FIVE paragraphs down that this is a SYMBOLIC wedding (vs. a crazy lunatic marry-a-corpse-but-somehow-the-law-allows-these-quirky-things-type legal wedding) and EIGHT paragraphs down that “Such posthumous weddings are not uncommon in some Asian cultures” is not only misleading, but also extremely disrespectful of the families and relationship itself. I won’t even start on “cultural sensitivity” because obviously, the Post just doesn’t give a shit.

Click here for a photo of the couple in happier times.

On a semi-related side note, the “article” states:

The symbolic ceremony will be conducted by a family friend, who is a minister, just two days before her funeral in San Francisco.

How interesting that now that the California court has halted the same-sex marriages in San Francisco, gays & lesbians who are fully alive can go back to having their “symbolic ceremonies.”

Good to know that in the eyes of the law, the love between to fully-living adults of the same sex is “legally equivalent” to the love between a straight couple in which one member has passed on.

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8 Responses to “Another reason The NY Post sucks…”

  • I completely agree. It’s sad the way the media will make fools of its subjects all for the sake of a lousy buck…


  • Oh, it’s no fun if it can’t be twisted for profit. Shame on them.

    There’s a story about Key West, turn of the last century, that talks about a man who pretended to be a count and a doctor, who became obsessed with a young girl who died. He stole her corpse and “kept” it — using wax and other materials to preserve her appearance — for several years, living with his dead “wife”.

    That’s an ooky Key West ghost story (although based in fact). It’s not the same thing as the story in the Post.

  • Well yeah, but “symbolic wedding” doesn’t sell papers. Considering how most news sources report these days, I’d be glad they just didn’t have him marrying a goat.

  • It is so sad. If you could feel the energy and wonderful love that they have, why be scared?


  • The New York Post is in fact a tabloid type of news paper. When there is not much news to talk about in the world. It pulls its news from such things as the NYU suicide incident. Its appalling that a sometimes newsworthy paper would exploit such sensationalism. If he really wants to marry this dead girl then so be it. Its a free country.

  • OK, so what happens when he gets married in the future? Is that accepting or is he gunna spend the rest of his life alone? Weirdos.

  • i hate it when people aren’t culturally sensitive, and it bothers me when you know that the media is the primary way that most people get their news so many individuals are now going to think that Asian people marry their dead. *sigh* And I agree with you on your last point Joz…sheesh. So much for separation of Church and State.

  • to Chris : I don’t think there’s a legal precedent for you to collect from the Chien fortune just because you married her posthumously. Good try man so you can stop faking like you give a damn.

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