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Another reason The NY Post sucks…

THIS is their front page story.


DEATH can’t part Christopher Lam from his beloved – he plans to wed tragic NYU student Diana Chien, whose suicide leap from a Midtown rooftop Saturday shook the school and the city.

“I am still going to marry her,” said Lam, who proposed to the beautiful NYU sophomore in January. [full story]

The headline and lead is written as if the guy wants to marry Elvis’s dead alien horse or something… it is in extremely sensationalistic, exploitative tabloid-style. To say FIVE paragraphs down that this is a SYMBOLIC wedding (vs. a crazy lunatic marry-a-corpse-but-somehow-the-law-allows-these-quirky-things-type legal wedding) and EIGHT paragraphs down that “Such posthumous weddings are not uncommon in some Asian cultures” is not only misleading, but also extremely disrespectful of the families and relationship itself. I won’t even start on “cultural sensitivity” because obviously, the Post just doesn’t give a shit.

Click here for a photo of the couple in happier times.

On a semi-related side note, the “article” states:

The symbolic ceremony will be conducted by a family friend, who is a minister, just two days before her funeral in San Francisco.

How interesting that now that the California court has halted the same-sex marriages in San Francisco, gays & lesbians who are fully alive can go back to having their “symbolic ceremonies.”

Good to know that in the eyes of the law, the love between to fully-living adults of the same sex is “legally equivalent” to the love between a straight couple in which one member has passed on.

Moving sucks, but Silver Lining #3 is…

… I now know of a wonderful apartment that is available… crackhouse adjacent!

Call me a snob, but if you go to check out an apartment and you pass 2 bums with shopping carts on your way to the front door and there is a crackhouse across the street, you probably should just leave.

However, the manager of the building had been really nice to me over the phone and she was expecting us, so I figured we should go and take a tour anyway.

I am grateful we came here because I was reminded not to “judge a book by its cover” since the apartment itself was actually quite nice… large, spacious, HIGH ceilings with plenty of light, a crazy amount of closet space, a balcony overlooking an incredible view of the hills, and the ability to have a (funny-looking) small dog. But Yoshi said that we weren’t allowed to live there. I said that it was a “last resort” type of place. So that place was (almost) everything we wanted EXCEPT for the location/neighborhood.

Although we don’t have anything against crackwhores per se, we just don’t think we’d ‘fit’ well in a neighborhood with them.

And obviously, we don’t have anything against homeless people, either… seeing as we shall soon be joining their ranks if we don’t find a place soon!

Can’t keep my eyes open

I keep yawning.

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