I call her the ‘Joz of Life’

Why? because she is a good friend to the professor, and is always very very nice when I talk to her on the phone or via email. What can I say? She is an oasis of goodness in a sea of badness. she is a chewy moist oatmeal raisin cookie, in a box of crumbly ones. She is wicked smart. She is popular. She is busy. But mainly, the professor likes her, and that’s enough for me. I would even help her move, as it is something I have always excelled at.
Thank you.
– Miss Brookline
(care of brother: professoreric)

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6 Responses to “I call her the ‘Joz of Life’”

  • i agree whole-heartedly with my sister. that jos is an absolute delight… and yoshi is a treat as well. i hope to drop by on sunday while they are packing and bring them some sort of treat…

  • Awwww!

    Thank you to Miss Brookline and The Professor!

    That made me smile! It is my hope that we will see each other on Sunday. Definitely call when you are in our hood. We won’t be able to call it our hood for much longer, I guess.

    Unfortunately (although I hope it is not the case) we may still be out running around, looking at places.

    Neither of us have had a moment to pack a single item yet.

  • Nothing better than a chewy, moist cookie ;)

  • somehow the idea of comparing joz to a chewy, moist cookie gives me too many visuals of joz and yosh…ack!

  • awwwww…i wanna be someone’s chewy moist cookie…er wait, do I??!!

  • You know, I always thought of her as a gooey tollhouse cookie… (my favorite btw) either way she’s a pretty swell gal!

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