F-ed up on SO many levels…

The NY Post has no shame…

A NYU student commited suicide and they have a picture of her falling to her death on the front page. [View image]

And the boyfriend is on xanga & people are leaving some really f-ed up comments.

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11 Responses to “F-ed up on SO many levels…”

  • Oh my…that is horrible. Really horrible.

  • he disabled the guestbook.

  • oh man, that is so messed up. the Post should be ashamed of themselves.

  • the guestbook is gone. So sad. :(

  • That is so crass of them. The editor ought to be ashamed.


  • wow. that *is* f-ed up. =(

  • Senior Vasudha Talla, 21, agreed, saying:
    “At NYU, it’s really difficult to make friends. There’s no campus life. Everyone is isolated. It can be very lonely.”

    What a pile of baloney! My girlfriend’s cousin goes to NYU and she’s got friends all over campus. She’s not even that social either. They have a campus life, if you live in the dorms. If you don’t then you are totally missing out on the entire NYU social circle. Depression must be dealt with individually. Campus services dont go to you, you go to them. Its the same in any school in NYC.

  • It’s true that its a sad story. It probably escalated to this point after a whole list of problems. I’ve gone through similar depression stages but never went to the extreme to end my life.

  • Sensationalism sucks. This is why I stopped reading Newsweek back in the late 80s after the Lockerbie crash when they decided that it would sell more copies if they had lots of gory pics of dead victims. Death sells, probably only second to sex, sadly.

  • *sigh* another look at how the media can reach another low. The poor bf, he probably feels bad enough as it is, and doesn’t really need people leaving him messages like that. sheesh

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