And it starts again!

Remember those good ol’ days?

Where I stayed up working ’til all hours of the night?

They’re back! At Office #2 until 3am. Up til 4am working from home… wheeeee!

AND we still don’t know where we’re going to live and I haven’t started packing yet!

Thanks for those cheers… keep em’ coming!

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3 Responses to “And it starts again!”

  • (50 cent like cheer)

    Party in the Club!
    Try not to get mugged!
    If youre down with the Joz thing, just come give her a hug!
    You know she needs cheering up!


  • Totally winging the living situation? That’s awesome. :)

  • Life will bring it’s ups and downs and tragedy may follow.
    But, if you remember who you are, then everything works out.
    Your profession shouldn’t be your obsession.

    If you find yourself stressed and feeling low,
    Don’t forget to jump up and down and shout.
    That and frequent masturbation.

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