Daily Archive for March 10th, 2004

F-ed up on SO many levels…

The NY Post has no shame…

A NYU student commited suicide and they have a picture of her falling to her death on the front page. [View image]

And the boyfriend is on xanga & people are leaving some really f-ed up comments.

And now, something completely unrelated to my current housing drama…

Check out the video attached to the interview on MSNBC… Click on the dancing Will Hung animation to read the story & see the video!

She Bangs!  She Bangs!

He has a point…

kinkoman says – If you work 24-7 then you wont really need a place to stay. Just get some shut eye here and there…

True, this is practically what it’s been like, but I still need a place for all my stuffs and to set up my computer (since I don’t have a laptop or wifi) and, and, oh yeah, a place to keep my Yosh. THAT’S the most important part! :)

P.S. – I still want a place that will let us have a funny-looking dog, though!

And it starts again!

Remember those good ol’ days?

Where I stayed up working ’til all hours of the night?

They’re back! At Office #2 until 3am. Up til 4am working from home… wheeeee!

AND we still don’t know where we’re going to live and I haven’t started packing yet!

Thanks for those cheers… keep em’ coming!

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