Daily Archive for March 7th, 2004

Moving sucks, but Silver Lining #1 is…

…funny ads on Craigslist. This is one is our favorite so far. (No, we are not considering this place)

$850 / 2br – Cheap Ass rent part 2
Date: 2004-03-03, 7:57PM PST

OK heres the deal my old lanlord is 120 years old and doesn’t know anything about computers, I have gotten him renters in the past through craigslist and he gives me a small finders fee. So small that all I am going to do for him is post this add. The place is cheap, I haven’t seen it but I am sure it is not that nice looking from the outside, but relatively nice inside, and as I said it is cheap. With that said I will try and answer any questions you might have. Its a small 2 bedroom place for $850 and they would also need one month rent as deposit up front. No pets allowed, 1 or 2 parking spots are included. Its got a new fridge, new stove, and new tile floor. You would have to sign a 2.5 year lease but they are cool if you need to transfer it over to someone else if you are moving (they just want the rent). The place is available now and they are looking for someone asap. It is located at xxxx Elysian Park Ave. just off Sunset (towards Dodger Stadium) inbetween Echo Park and downtown. If you are interested in the place please contact Mr. W[at 213 xxx-xxxx] either in the morning or at night. Please leave your phone number very slowly and loud, he is 120 years old and doesn’t speak very good english. Phone number SLOW and LOUD.

Thanks, and if you end up renting the place tell him it was through Matt’s craiglsist add and he’ll give me a hundred bucks or something.

Ok, I’m still in shock…

…but I am breathing now. Kind of.

I spent the entire afternoon in complete and utter panic and trying to give away our tickets for Die Frau ohne Schatten at the L.A. Opera tonight. Although I’d really been looking forward to this critically-acclaimed production (set design by David Hockney, conducted by Kent Nagano), I wasn’t quite in the mood for any more drama tonight. But I also didn’t want our $80+ tickets to go to waste, either. We were originally supposed to attend the performance on opening night, but I switched out our tickets since we had gone up north for Yoshi’s birthday instead.

Anyway, while I was busy trying to see if anyone wanted the tickets… all the while trying to remember how to um, you know, BREATHE, Yoshi had the wherewithal to go on craigslist and start looking for places. In fact, within a couple of hours of getting the news from our landlords, Yosh was out looking at an apartment nearby. Yosh convinced me to go over there and take a look at the place, which I did… reluctantly… it hadn’t quite sunk in that we have to find a whole new place to live within a couple of weeks & I was being cranky and obnoxious. The place we saw was nice, but we’re going to keep looking…

Since I wasn’t able to give the tickets away in advance, I convinced Yoshi to go to the opera anyway (even though we were dressed in our gym sweats!). We got to the Music Center in time to park & go in, but at the last minute (much to Yoshi’s relief), I changed my mind and decided we should just give the tickets to someone who would use them.

I guess it was a sold out show because there was a lady complaining about how she was “still waiting for her tickets.” Our tickets found their way to a nice young couple standing in line, hoping for some seats. I’m just glad our tickets got used. You can call us the opera angels now.

We ended up having dinner in Little Tokyo and doing a little window shopping. And I had lychee ice cream for dessert… yummy!

And then we came home and sent out desperate emails telling our friends to help us find a new place to live.

Speaking of which… if you know of any leads or just want to offer to help, please email them our way… the address is: newcrib @ jozjozjoz.com

We can also provide you a description of what we’re looking for in a new crib. THANKS!

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