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Elizabeth Richson is a spammer!

So I got the strangest email today from an “Elizabeth Richson”… no attachment… something that sounded oddly like spam, but it didn’t have the horribly-misspelled-all-caps subject lines I’m used to seeing.

The reason I thought it was strange was because the cc: was to agordon@unitedmedia.com (that person who sent me the cease & desist for that Hey Ya, Charlie Brown video last month).

I checked the website at elizabethrichson.com, which doesn’t exist. A google search of the name shows that other people reported getting similar messages. My gut feeling is that someone is trying to get people to respond to harvest email addresses.

Here is what my message looked like… beware! And don’t reply to “Elizabeth!”

Elizabeth Richson [elizabeth@elizabethrichson.com]

To: jozjozjoz

CC: agordon@unitedmedia.com

Subject: jozjozjoz.com ranked # 18 in Google for year of monkey prediction

I’m a web master, and I was just searching Google for year of monkey
prediction. I found your domain, jozjozjoz.com ranked 18, which is pretty

My site is all about Society – Religion and Spirituality – Divination, too. Maybe we should link up? I wouldn’t be stealing any of your sales, because all
I do is write informational articles…not selling anything on my site at all. And most of my visitors write back to say that they love the fact that I only write good, quality info. As a matter of fact, I’ve got a pretty loyal following of people that come back over and over again (they use the site as a reference), so if you link to me, you should get some pretty good traffic from it — which is always nice.

Anyway, let me know if you’d like to swap links. I’ve already linked to you,
and will keep it up there for a few days until I hear back. Hope to hear from
you soon!

Elizabeth Richson
RAC IM: 759340.

You know what I could use right now?

My own cheerleading squad.

Not a squad for me to lead/cheer in, but a squad of people who will follow me around and jump up and rah-rah-sis-boom-bah for everything I do.

Yeah, I could get used to that.

Why I feel icky…

… I get a little quiet.

*hack, hack*

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