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It’s Yoshi’s birthday! I get to give birthday kisses to my Hunny!

Click for a BIGGER BIRTHDAY kiss!
Check it out!!! I’ve got my party hat all ready to go! Whoo!

Come celebrate this special day with jozjozjoz & yoshi by making your own birthday hat with this handy, dandy template!

Make your own birthday hat to wear for Yoshi's birthday!
Your pictures with a proper celebratory hat are welcome!

(Thanks in advance to the Blue’s Clues people for not suing me or sending me a cease & desist because I “borrowed” your silly little template for a birthday hat. Thanks also to Tak for helping a crazy, sleep-deprived chick named jozjozjoz!)

So much William Hung hatin’ goin’ on…

So Mikey2 said that he was boycotting until the animated Will Hung goes away, so I IMed him so we could be clear on the terms of the boycott…

Joz: Hey!
Mikey2: hey
Joz: Does your boycott include IMs?
Mikey2: No, because you can’t post that damn gif here. :P
Joz: Wait. Lemme try
*** Joz wants to directly connect.***
***Mikey2 ignores request; no connection was made. ***
Mikey2: No!
Joz: Just kidding
Joz: I don’t have that file on my computer here anyway
Joz: Yet. :P
Mikey2: Uh huh.

Why he puts up with me, I have no idea.


That just about sums up all I can remember from my slumberly dreams last night.


To all those picking on me via IM about my Ladybug Saga™ last night:


You’d think that it wouldn’t be any fun to tease me… After all, I’m evidently “such an easy target.” But, noooooo…

“Hey Ladybug Breath! That’s my new name for you now… but it’s not as fun as typing jozjozjozjoz…”

“Tell Ernie to IM me… [why?] So he can join in on the fun and we can all gang up on you…”

And though Yoshi tried to get out of it, I *did* get my kiss when I got home from work late last night. Of course, the kiss was quickly followed by, “Ok, I gotta go brush my teeth now,” but I got my kiss nonetheless.

I kept telling myself it’d be funny once the aftertaste of kleenex wore off, but then I was visited by elephant-sized lady beetles oozing noxious leg juice while preparing to dine a small plate of jozjozjoz smeared with avocado.

That’s what I get for reading about Ernie’s Asian Tapas before going to bed.

No wonder I’ve been up & working since 5am.

At least I didn’t die.

oh, the amusement

don’t know why i get such joy out of doing stuff like this, but:

Yoshi!: time for jozjozjoz to come home
Joz: oh ok
Joz: only if you promise to kiss me
Yoshi!: nope. no way, man. nuh uh.
Joz: i stay at the office then
Joz: late
Yoshi!: did you know that Ladybugs make a chemical that smells and tastes terrible so that birds and other predators won’t eat them.
Yoshi!: ?
Joz: now i do
Joz: did you see the comments?
Joz: someone said that ladybugs secrete poison from their legs
Joz: and that i probably won’t die
Yoshi!: hehehe. At one time, doctors would mash up ladybugs and put them in a cavity to cure a toothache.
Joz: ew
Joz: ew
Joz: ew
Joz: e
Joz: yucky
Joz: i am going to reboot
Joz: and when i get back
Joz: there had better not be any ladybug trivia coming through the IMs
Yoshi!: hey, one more thing: Predators: (ladybug) Larvae are eaten by lacewing larvae. *jozjozjoz* attempts to eat adults but because of their “bad taste” the beetles are not ingested.
*** Auto-response from Joz: I am currently away from the computer.***
Yoshi!: oh, and it’s not poisonous, it just tastes bad.
Yoshi!: oh, but this came from somewhere else…Lady beetles “bleed” to protect themselves from predators. Their “blood” is full of chemicals distasteful or lethal to predators.
Yoshi!: tee hee.
Yoshi!: i don’t even know if these will show up after you reboot.
Yoshi!: but they’re fun to send to you.

i’m going to get in trouble for this one…better go run and hide in the bathroom!

OMG! Can anyone tell me if ladybugs are toxic?

Seriously. No joke.

I just almost accidentally ate a ladybug.

I have rinsed my mouth out about a billion times in the last three minutes and I am still feeling like I’m going to lose my dinner all over my desk.

Although my first instinct was to close my mouth, luckily I did not CHOMP down (the thought of me crunching down on a Ms. Bug is making me all queasy again). It was in my mouth long enough for me to feel its teeny little legs on my tongue and its hard little shell against the roof of my mouth. *shudder* I thought I saw my life flash before my eyes.

I quickly spat it out into my napkin and reached for the box of kleenex, using the contents of an entire box to wipe my tongue off. Oh, and I screamed, too. But just a little (compared to a sonic boom, it was just a teeny tiny scream).


I don’t like killing bugs, but I think this one was traumatized enough from being in my mouth. I just had to put it out of its misery. It was the right thing to do.

[I know you hate it when I do this, but no jokes about being inside my mouth, saying how good it is that I don’t bite, asking if I will swallow, or any other pervy jokes. I know, I’m a party pooper, but HEY! I nearly ate a ladybug! Eww!]

P.S. – I know I have a big mouth, but when did I get designated Lady Bug Landing Pad™?

I’ve been found out!

Despite the fact that I “moved” to a while ago, I’ve been “borrowing” server space and bandwidth from Mike Doss at, the original host of my blog.

Is it really “moving” if I still had zillions of pictures and crap on his server, and that most of my current images on my homepage pointed back to insignifica? So he asked if he could start deleting my stuff off his server and I said, “yes.” And once he did, I realized that all this stuff at my site started to go down. Oops. [insert sheepish grin here].

Anyway, thanks again, Mike, for putting up with my pain-in-the-assage.

Everyone else, please excuse the wonkiness!

Popsicle fingers beat out insomnia

And that is not some Flash Flash Revolution dance remix, even though it sounds like it should be.

My fingers are too cold to type & making me even more horrible than usual at FFR right now.

Going to bed now. Good night morning whatever.

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