Daily Archive for February 28th, 2004

Don’t Know Why…

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(Apologies for invoking the words of Linda Ronstandt and Aaron Neville Norah Jones.)

Playgrounds: the training grounds for Terrorists!

One reason I have disappeared is because I have a job that pays me overtime, and I get a lot of it. Recently I have been able to stay in my office and catch up on some things; this also gives me a chance to catch about 15 hours a day of CNN. I have noticed, and you may have as well, that whenever they start talking about those club-meds of the “terrorist” world, “the training camps” they always show pictures of the T.I.T.’s (terrorists in training) climbing on monkey bars. I mean it really is in almost every story about it, and it is usually different stock footage.

This leads me to two major conclusions:
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Cleaning house…

…and clearing my mind.

My Friday night excitement.

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