gah. i’m old.

but hey, everyone’s wishing me a happy birthday, so i’ll be ok.

off to shower before dinner. which, incidentally, is not yoshi’s, wendell (i don’t want to have to cook!), it’s a different japanese restaurant in santa monica.

good food, friends, the best girlfriend. what more could i ask for today?

thanks to everyone for making closing the door to my 20’s not so totally bad…


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7 Responses to “gah. i’m old.”

  • Happy birthday, Yoshi. Leaving your 20s ain’t all that bad.

  • Happy Birthday! Although being 28 myself, I can say that honestly, I do have trepidation about passing the next few years – because I’m not totally where I thought I’d be by now, and don’t know if I will be by then. But that’s my issue, not yours (hopefully). Happy Birthday all the same. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday, Yoshi. I’ll be joining the 30 club later this year, so I feel your pain. It’s not that bad, though – now you can make fun of 20-somethings, because obviously they don’t know anything compared to the wise, experienced 30 year olds.

  • More birfday wishes from your goofy friend. :D

  • Oooh! Another person turning 30–I’m actually really looking forward to turning 30 next month…especially since I can celebrate with my new husband!

    You ARE coming up to celebrate with us, yes? ;)

  • 27 this year (in a few months) and can say it still amazes me each time. I have no concerns about 30, just seems weird. No where near what I thought it would look like at 16, or even 20 or 22 for that matter :)

  • Happy Happy Joy Joy
    Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi

    oh wait that’s only for jozjozjoz…

    Glad you’ve joined me in the roaring 30’s when you body starts doing really strange things….

    Happy Happy!

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