Daily Archive for February 18th, 2004

gah. i’m old.

but hey, everyone’s wishing me a happy birthday, so i’ll be ok.

off to shower before dinner. which, incidentally, is not yoshi’s, wendell (i don’t want to have to cook!), it’s a different japanese restaurant in santa monica.

good food, friends, the best girlfriend. what more could i ask for today?

thanks to everyone for making closing the door to my 20’s not so totally bad…


Happy Birthday, Yoshi!

From Yvonne!

It is NOT a dunce cap!


Just so we’re clear. Hmmph.

And where’s yours?


It’s Yoshi’s birthday! I get to give birthday kisses to my Hunny!

Click for a BIGGER BIRTHDAY kiss!
Check it out!!! I’ve got my party hat all ready to go! Whoo!

Come celebrate this special day with jozjozjoz & yoshi by making your own birthday hat with this handy, dandy template!

Make your own birthday hat to wear for Yoshi's birthday!
Your pictures with a proper celebratory hat are welcome!

(Thanks in advance to the Blue’s Clues people for not suing me or sending me a cease & desist because I “borrowed” your silly little template for a birthday hat. Thanks also to Tak for helping a crazy, sleep-deprived chick named jozjozjoz!)

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