So much William Hung hatin’ goin’ on…

So Mikey2 said that he was boycotting until the animated Will Hung goes away, so I IMed him so we could be clear on the terms of the boycott…

Joz: Hey!
Mikey2: hey
Joz: Does your boycott include IMs?
Mikey2: No, because you can’t post that damn gif here. :P
Joz: Wait. Lemme try
*** Joz wants to directly connect.***
***Mikey2 ignores request; no connection was made. ***
Mikey2: No!
Joz: Just kidding
Joz: I don’t have that file on my computer here anyway
Joz: Yet. :P
Mikey2: Uh huh.

Why he puts up with me, I have no idea.

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