Daily Archive for February 17th, 2004

So much William Hung hatin’ goin’ on…

So Mikey2 said that he was boycotting jozjozjoz.com until the animated Will Hung goes away, so I IMed him so we could be clear on the terms of the boycott…

Joz: Hey!
Mikey2: hey
Joz: Does your boycott include IMs?
Mikey2: No, because you can’t post that damn gif here. :P
Joz: Wait. Lemme try
*** Joz wants to directly connect.***
***Mikey2 ignores request; no connection was made. ***
Mikey2: No!
Joz: Just kidding
Joz: I don’t have that file on my computer here anyway
Joz: Yet. :P
Mikey2: Uh huh.

Why he puts up with me, I have no idea.


That just about sums up all I can remember from my slumberly dreams last night.


To all those picking on me via IM about my Ladybug Saga™ last night:


You’d think that it wouldn’t be any fun to tease me… After all, I’m evidently “such an easy target.” But, noooooo…

“Hey Ladybug Breath! That’s my new name for you now… but it’s not as fun as typing jozjozjozjoz…”

“Tell Ernie to IM me… [why?] So he can join in on the fun and we can all gang up on you…”

And though Yoshi tried to get out of it, I *did* get my kiss when I got home from work late last night. Of course, the kiss was quickly followed by, “Ok, I gotta go brush my teeth now,” but I got my kiss nonetheless.

I kept telling myself it’d be funny once the aftertaste of kleenex wore off, but then I was visited by elephant-sized lady beetles oozing noxious leg juice while preparing to dine a small plate of jozjozjoz smeared with avocado.

That’s what I get for reading about Ernie’s Asian Tapas before going to bed.

No wonder I’ve been up & working since 5am.

At least I didn’t die.

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