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Congratulations, Becky & John!

Much love to Becky & John on their wedding day!

Congratulations, Becky & John!

Sorry I could not attend at the last minute, but I am thinking of you both and wishing you a wonderful lifetime of happiness and love!

I hate:

the stomach flu.


Don’t Know Why…

…my main page is loading so slowly. Sorry.

(Apologies for invoking the words of Linda Ronstandt and Aaron Neville Norah Jones.)

Playgrounds: the training grounds for Terrorists!

One reason I have disappeared is because I have a job that pays me overtime, and I get a lot of it. Recently I have been able to stay in my office and catch up on some things; this also gives me a chance to catch about 15 hours a day of CNN. I have noticed, and you may have as well, that whenever they start talking about those club-meds of the “terrorist” world, “the training camps” they always show pictures of the T.I.T.’s (terrorists in training) climbing on monkey bars. I mean it really is in almost every story about it, and it is usually different stock footage.

This leads me to two major conclusions:
(click below to read them…)
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Cleaning house…

…and clearing my mind.

My Friday night excitement.

Private Not-so-private to “Harold and Maude”

Or anyone else who wants to discuss what was happening on my Shoutbox.

Yes, I will discuss more privately via email.

I am letting you know right now that I will not have time to do any emailing until this weekend, so you are free to write me and I will respond when I have an opportunity to do so this weekend.

I have spent enough time today on this subject today and have work to do, so my responses will not come right away.

Feel free to email me at joz @

Thanks in advance.

(Comments in this post are CLOSED.)

I *did not* break it.

I’ve been driving Yoshi’s car to work most days this week so I’ve been extra careful to be clean (no eating in the car) and not to turn the backseat into a garbage can (that’s what the trunk is for). Because of the rain, I’ve been forced to *SLOW THE F- DOWN!* and haven’t been a speed demon *at all* this week.

The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve been extra careful and I *did not* break the remote control door unlocker/opener thing.

I woke up on time this morning, but was making calls and sending emails… so I had to race in & out of the shower and ran out the door in the chaotic mess that I was… hair wet and uncombed, clothes thrown on (but discombobulated), bags of crap in tow.

I ran out the front door, down the driveway, and down to the street. When I got out to Yoshi’s car, I hit the unlock button on the remote entry thing and BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!
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I spent the evening comforting my blog. I’ll admit it… with all the running around, I’ve neglected my blog more than a little. And earlier this evening, my blog confessed a secret to me. I was in shock and awe when my blog said to me:

That Michael was handling me inappropriately earlier today. Why do I feel so dirty now?


Bleh bleh!

Here’s a surprise message for Joz — whom I haven’t spoken to in FOREVER!


*I hope you don’t kill me for molesting your blog!*

Taking guesses…

I’m off to a trade show this morning, so the “to be continued” will have to be continued later (tonight?).

What else do you think happened last night?

Take a guess?

What a day!

I wish I had the mental energy of writing out everything that’s swirling in my head from today. Instead, here are some miscellaneous bullet points… almost a true brain barf:

-What up with “Stormwatch 2004!!!!”? There’s barely any rain. LIARS!

-Lunch with Wing Lam, of Wahoo’s Fish Taco at Prado on Larchmont. I love these restaurants (Wahoo’s and Prado) and Wing is the coolest. Really, he is. IDEAS! IDEAS! IDEAS! Neither of us could stop talking, we had such a great time. It occurs to me it has been MUCH TOO LONG since I’ve had a fish taco (or ten) at Wahoo’s. This must be rectified soon.

-After lunch: fun time! I annoy the heck out of the Kickass Guy At The Sharon Osbourne Show™, the same guy who hooked Yosh & I up with killer seats on Monday night. KGATSOS™ is cool enough to let me and Wing on the set while N*Sync’s J.C. Chasez runs-through”Some Girls.” Interesting song. Nice backup dancers, J.C.. (They let you air this on regular TV?) Thanks again, KGATSOS™!

-We think it’d be funny to take a picture like we’re kicking it at KTLA news, so here’s me and Wing being silly: Don't worry, I'm ok.  I don't know why I'm smiling like that.  Eeek.

-And did you see the picture I put on buzznet?

-I leave work late. No umbrella. I shouldn’t have cursed the rain gods or the dang weather reporters. It’s pouring and I’m about as pathetic as a wet dog.

-Dash! Dash! Dash! It’s been a while since I last saw Genevieve. We are getting ready to go to Bliss for a Fred Segal Pre-Oscar party/fashion show. I got my own invitation so I didn’t have to be her “plus one.” She lets me borrow her kickass (and very warm) cashmere wrap. I own no piece of clothing quite this nice. I can’t imagine rain to be too great for cashmere. Eeek.

-My friend AC has been convinced to be my ‘date’ for the evening. And I make him bring an umbrella. He is freakin’ awesome. He doesn’t complain that my tardiness forces us to not be able to get valet parking (What the heck do you mean the lot is full?) and we have to park a few blocks away. He also puts up with me first trying to “sneak into the back way of the parking lot” but then getting in trouble when a bunch of other cars follow my lead and get stuck going the wrong way (See what you get for trying to do what I do?). I get out and find parking closeby (but not close enough). In the meantime, the rain gods diss us further… it’s pouring harder and harder the further we get from Bliss

-We finally get to the “entrance” which is really the back entrance. Luckily there is a tent for us to stand under. AC offers to get drinks while I dry off a bit. At the front of the line, the paparazzi has converged. And the fashion show is already underway. Oops. I made us very late.

-Once we get in, I look for Genevieve. It’s now hot and muggy. Yuck. And where’s Genevieve? Instead, I run into John Cho. I know he doesn’t remember me, but I knew him “once upon a time.” He is cool as introduce him to AC and I re-introduce myself to him. I say that I’ve been seeing him everywhere lately… he jokes, “Sorry about that.” I say he needs to keep on with it! Swirl of activity… someone else is talking to John now.

Joz & Aubrey!  That's John Cho behind us in the left of the picture.
-I look over. HEY! I KNOW THAT GUY PASSING BY! It is Aubrey Loots, one of the best hair stylists I’ve ever been to… we are connected many ways, too. Many mutual friends & I have been so busy I haven’t gone to his new salon. Last couple of times he’s seen me, my hair has looked like crapola. And today it got rained on. I can tell Aubrey is trying not to lecture me. Turns out, Aubrey did the hair for the models in the fashion show. Cool!

-Aubrey is trying to get to valet early. And where’s Genevieve? I say bye to John’s friend so we can continue our search & John turns around to say bye to me. Props to John for remembering my name!

-Genevieve is nowhere to be found. We check the VIP Room upstairs… they say they haven’t seen her up there yet… someone last saw her downstairs on the floor just after the fashion show ended.

-AC and I go back downstairs. No Genevieve. We plop ourselves down at the tables near the fireplace (I dunno what this place is called). The seating is COMFY. And warm. And people are getting kicked out of this section. We watch as people get “escorted away” and a whole entourage of people enter. People are shifting about around us. Ja Rule and his peeps are here. At the next two tables. AND OW! Cameras and VERY VERY bright flashes are going off. Ja Rule is the center of attention. AC & jozjozjoz are innocent bystanders in the background. How bad does my hair look now?

…to be continued…

Find out the answers to these questions…

Do I ever find Genevieve?
Does my hair get nastier?
Do I ever get my ass off the couch and DANCE?
Do the rain gods continue to mess with jozjozjoz?

… and more… in another installment of!

Private to “Paranoid Girl”

I am *NOT* mad at you!

The gory details of my gas problem

I had a major gas problem one evening a few weeks ago.

Everything reeked. The stench in my car was unbearable. I stunk up the entire house. Yoshi even threatened to kick me out because of the truly foul odor I was emitting.

It was an ugly, nasty scene.

And by gas, I mean GASOLINE.
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Fat Tuesday, indeed.

We just got a GIANT box of Oreo cookies delivered to our office.

And I inhaled had 3 of them already.


Monday Night Date Night: A Sharon Osbourne Show taping

Consisted of:

-Sitting out on the cold patio after work with Yoshi (where is everyone? why are we the only ones out here and who are those two dudes with suits on standing at the doorway?)

-Sharon Osbourne’s car pulling up to the gate at the last minute. All of a sudden, the two dudes in suits jump into action. Sharon pops out of the car and is practically running toward her studio. Her people are carrying shopping bags from Barney’s, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and other pricey places behind her. Sharon sees us sitting (shivering) on the patio and says to us “It’s so cold out here! What are you doing out here?!” I answer that we’re just waiting to get in to see her. And with that, she’s gone. But more shopping bags are still going from the car into the studio. Someone was late to her own show because she went on a Rodeo Drive shopping spree.

-We get VIP treatment and get to sit in the front row in one of the comfy couches. We’re glad that we don’t have to sit on the nasty folding chairs. People are freaking out around us. Evidently there are some unexpected “production guests” who get to be in the front row & some people are getting moved.

-The warm-up guy comes on and tries to get everyone’s energy up. He gets some help when the Executive Producer comes by and informs him that OZZY is going to be in-studio. Even he is freaking out. Girls are crying over the news that he’ll be there. It turns out, not only is he going to be there, he is going to sit in the audience. Crowd goes nuts.

-Show starts Sharon comes out and people are cheering like crazy. Tisha Campbell-Martin is co-hosting the show. Tisha’s friends and family are sitting on the couch next to ours.

-First guest: Eliza Dushku. BRING IT ON! She looks great and tells a story about being robbed. The producer screws up and hits the “Applause” sign at the wrong time & people clap at her being mugged. Oops.

-Next guest: AJ McLean (from the Backstreet Boys) and his mom, Debbie. Before he even gets on the stage, people catch a glimpse of him standing backstage. There are more tears. Somehow there are throngs of 13 year-old girls who had been standing outside, waiting all afternoon. It seems like this is the appropriate time to burst into tears. Now we have half the crowd crying because Ozzy is sitting in the audience with us, the other half crying because there is a Backstreet Boy in the studio. What a mix of people.

-Sharon does a special photoshoot for a project Tisha Campbell-Martin is working on. They are supposed to tape another episode (with wraparounds only, no guests). It’s supposed to be fast, but it’s not. We sit patiently for a while, but decide to leave early. I am 99% sure that neither Yoshi nor I have any kind of camera time. Hooray!

-The episode we watched will air THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26. Here’s the description from the Sharon Osbourne site: “My Wife and Kids” star Tisha Campbell-Martin co-hosts with Sharon for the hour! Sharon and Tisha chat with “Tru Calling” star Eliza Dushku about the Fox drama. Then Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean and his mom, Denise, talk about their book, “Backstreet Mom: A Mother’s Tale of Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean’s Rise to Fame, Struggle with Addiction and Ultimate Triumph.” Plus, Nelly Furtado chats with Sharon and Tisha and performs a track from her new CD, “Folklore!”

-Dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Yum.

I figured that Sharon’s show had been taping across from our office this entire time & it would be nice to sit in on one. Glad that it was one where Ozzy came to cheer on his wife.

I am so proud of myself.

Self-restraint, baby! Self-restraint!

I didn’t buy the Jobe Benjamins last weekend!

Dancing on Kirkwood, by Jobe Benjamin
Dancing on Kirkwood. Lot # e5: PHOTO PRINT BY JOBE BENJAMIN Photo print, entitled “Dancing On Kirkwood” by Jobe Benjamin (American, b.1956), initialed lower right; 15″ x 22″, framed. Auction Estimate: $800.00-$1200.00

My Favorite Chair, by Jobe Benjamin
My Favorite Chair. Lot # e6: PHOTO PRINT BY JOBE BENJAMIN Photo print, entitled “My Favorite Chair” by Jobe Benjamin (American, b.1956), initialed lower right; 15″ x 22″, framed. Auction Estimate: $800.00-$1200.00

It’s a good thing I didn’t buy those prints. For one thing, I just paid off my Enticing Marlon Brando print earlier this month. And I still haven’t gotten my Red Stripe/Blue Stripe set framed yet. And we have no more wall space & Yoshi would kill me if I came home with anymore prints.

Home Sweet Home

Thanks to Yoshi for driving the whole entire weekend.

I got to nap in the car for a few hours, which I’ll definitely need for the coming week.

Lots happening in the next 7-10 days.

Now for some more sleep.

Yoshi gets lots of cake…

… and the coolest candles.

On Wednesday night, the cake I bought was topped with these:
Crayon candles! Click to see them burn BIGGER!

I thought I had found the coolest birthday candles.

That is, until Yoshi’s dad came home with these last night:

The flames burn the color of the color of the candle!

Colored flames, how cool is that?!

Oooh!  Colors!

No, Yoshi wouldn’t let me drive.

We (Yoshi) drove up to San Jose last night, getting in around 1:30am.

I can’t imagine why Yoshi wouldn’t let me drive.

Something about it raining and maybe snowing on the Grapevine.

Or something.


The CNN headline says:
Schwarzenegger: Gay marriage licenses illegal

Yeah? Well so is discrimination, bub!

Good that was not the real thing, but…

…If that fire/earthquake/evacuation drill was the highlight of my day, I need more of a life.

You know when you have the hose on high and then accidentally let go and then it dances around, spraying in every direction?

Is there a name for that?

gah. i’m old.

but hey, everyone’s wishing me a happy birthday, so i’ll be ok.

off to shower before dinner. which, incidentally, is not yoshi’s, wendell (i don’t want to have to cook!), it’s a different japanese restaurant in santa monica.

good food, friends, the best girlfriend. what more could i ask for today?

thanks to everyone for making closing the door to my 20’s not so totally bad…


Happy Birthday, Yoshi!

From Yvonne!

It is NOT a dunce cap!


Just so we’re clear. Hmmph.

And where’s yours?

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