a different pov…

(or, what really happened on the drive home)

i drove for an hour over pacheco pass, we stopped at the designated pit stop so that jozjozjoz could empty her bladder (just a precaution, she didn’t really have to go) and then continued on down I-5 towards home.

once on the freeway:

joz: jeez, i didn’t realize i was going so fast (takes foot off accelerator to slow down to a reasonable 80 mph).

me: um, yeah, it’s hard to gauge in this car (but only if you’re not paying attention to the little thing called the speedometer).

joz: ok, i know where i’m going, you can take a nap if you want…

jozjozjoz proceeds to keep talking to me while i’m reclined in the passenger seat with my eyes closed. half an hour later, it’s:

joz: oh, i guess you can’t sleep much if i’m talking to you.

me: well, no, not really.

joz: i’ll stop talking to you. go to sleep.

half an hour later and she’s on the phone with a friend, relaying our weekend and catching up on old times. every once in a while, i feel the car slow down or speed up, but nothing too extreme so i go to sleep. i wake up when we’re about to start over the grapevine.

me: you know i love you very much…

joz: but i’m driving too fast?

me: um, yeah, try to go a little slower.

joz: ok, sorry.

i take this opportunity to sit up and put on my glasses so i can look around.

me: is that snow on the side of the road?

joz: i dunno, i’m only looking at the road.

me: that’s snow. maybe you should slow down. 90 is probably too fast when there might be ice on the road.

joz: ice? what are you talking about? the road isn’t even wet.

me: regardless, you should still slow the fuck down.

joz: oh, ok.

did i mention that the only way she can slow down and not be a leadfoot is if she’s behind someone going the speed she needs to maintain? we got behind a semi (it was too slow), then a small car (it was too slow) and finally we got over the grapevine.

joz: do you think maybe i could speed up now?

me: um, yeah, i guess so.

we get to our exit and are about a 1/2 mile from our house:

joz: you know? i wanted to get home before 1 am, but you made me slow down.

i had to sit on my hands to keep from punching her.

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9 Responses to “a different pov…”

  • *snickers*
    Yoshi, if I was in the back seat I’d be helping you admonish, trust me. There are several lead feet in my family and I’ve had the misfortune to have ridden in the passenger seat with all of them behind the wheel (well, not all at ONCE, obviously).

    My aunt takes great pride in being able to get anywhere in Maryland in 20 minutes. *shudder*

  • Joz needs to use the cruise control.

  • There is no cruise control in that car.

  • Joz…I UNDERSTAND. We don’t have “lead feet”! We’re just normal drivers!!!! :) A little on the fast side, but hey if you need to get somewhere in a crunch…I can do it! give me 10 minutes and I can get you anywhere (even to the movies on time :P )….YAY FOR YOU my personality TWIN! :)

  • Note to self: Don’t *EVER* put Meeta and ::jozjoz:: in a car together, and ride with them, unless you’re driving.

  • Yoshi…I’m a very conscientious driver…I just like to drive fast. Although, my little sister said to me the other day in the car…you scare me when you drive sometimes :/

  • This would be the time to point out that my car is electronically speed-limited to 145 MPH.

    Good thing, as I don’t buy better than V-rated tires. You really should buy Z-rated tires if you plan to drive continuously at high speed. Of course, they’re more expensive, and they wear out much quicker. But that’s not the point, is it?

  • 80! 90! My word you people out west sure drive fast. Don’t y’all have things like speeding tickets?

    Be glad you are not behind me, my top speed is 10 miles over the speed limit on a good day.

    At least you and Joz don’t have pea sized bladders like SOME PEOPLE I know and have to STOP EVERY FREAKIN’ 30 MILES.

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