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Good thoughts for Murphy

This was from Murphy’s Mom last Wednesday night (1/21) to friends and family. I’m sharing the latest information I have.

I’m writing this message because I believe in the power of positive thoughts.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I took Murphy (many of you know the famed dog) to the vet for she was walking in an uncomfortable manner. She was treated for a potential muscle sprain with anti-inflamatory medication and bedrest (i.e. no ballplaying….)

At 5:00 AM she was completely paralized in her backside.

Early this morning I took her back to the vet, she had a neurological exam, an MRI and through that it was discovered that she had a disc disease. This meant that disc matter had gotten into the spinal cord region causing swelling and bleeding – therefore the paralysis.

After a 5 minute discussion (that’s all the time the vet gave us to make a decision), we decided to have Murphy go through major surgery which would clean out the disc matter, remove any compression to the spinal cord and clean out from any bleeding. She survived a 5 hour surgery today and the vet said that she did well.

Now is when I need your positive thoughts – she has a 50-50 chance of ever walking again. This will depend upon the recovery of the spinal cord. Fortunately, the vet said she did not see anything wrong with the cord itself. That is good news.

It will be at least a few days to even see if she has any feeling at all.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this recovery time.

I strongly believe in the power of positive thoughts and I very much believe in you.

Thank you for your kindness.

Murphy’s Mom

UPDATE: Yes, I will try to post some photos of Murphy when I get home.

A belated gratitude

This Saturday night, my gratitude was for our vacuum cleaner.

This photo should pretty much illustrate why. This is what happened when jozjozjoz tried to heat up leftovers from dinner at Shamshiri from Thursday night.

Click if you want to count how many grains of rice are on the carpet.

P.S. – Hunny, we need to go to Sears and pick up another bag (#20-50558) for our Kenmore Mambo Blue Whispertone Canister Vacuum, Model 116-52512202. Thanks.


i tried to get myself away from the driving and smog and craziness of the city so i decided to go to the beach, my favorite beach, which is just past malibu.

well, and i have been freaking out, so i will make this quick and less detailed as i would like to make it… but while swimming in the water, i noticed all of a sudden all of these fish suddenly coming toward me, they were your typical flying fish etc, so i could see them in the distance leaping out of the water and coming quickly toward me. the gulls were right behind them, and there was a general energy of extreme tension.

i was the only one in the water and decided to get out, so i started swimming as fast as i could, which took me about 2 minutes to get to shore cause tide was against me and i was far out into the ocean.

just as i see the fish and gulls etc reaching the point where i had just been, a coastguard or baywatch (minus pam and david) helicopter swoops down and is making this scary announcement: “every calmly but quickly get out of the water, there has been shark sightings in the area, every one please get out for your own safety” that was the basic message.

i looked out again and saw three fins and a dark red cloud forming while the fish kept flying and trying to get away. i freaked out, and left. i am now safely in my apartment and i just saw a report about it on the news. you are all lucky that i didn’t become professoredible… yikes.

Links by jozjozjoz, who is very glad professoreric is not professoredible!

A Networking tip for you!

Has your Friendster network been stagnant? Can’t figure out Tribe? No one will invite you to Orkut?

Then let the canine connection work for you!

Get the most out of your dog’s social network by signing up for Dogster!

I expect to see Keith & YorkieMom get on the ball and get Sophie & Lola registered ASAP!

Link found at Raven’s Hot Links.

So here is the link to my link page

Yes, it’s a big ass list of links.

Yes, it’s ugly. But it’s finally off my main page.

I really needed to categorize my links, so rather than do it the way I’ve seen others do it (by frequency), I changed it up a bit.

I categorized everything geographically as best as I could.

So take a moment and check it out.

Do I need to add you to my big ass blogroll?
Did I put you in the wrong place?
Am I missing your location?

Let me know what you think! THANKS!

P.S. – Don’t forget to mouseover your link! I tried to make little comments for every link.


So I finally cleaned up my blogroll!

I categorized everything and am moving my giant list of links to a separate page. So I didn’t de-link anyone, if that’s what you’re worried about. And I still have people to add to my list. But first things first.

It took a while for me to clean up 135+ links, but I did.


Now to put that links page up…

UPDATE: Why are there still a couple of links on my front page? These are places that I write at!

I need an extra Saturday or two.

Got one to spare?


My dad is IMing me on Yahoo Messenger.


I feel universes about to collide…

UPDATE: Why am I waving “hi” to him via webcam?

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown!

Ok, I went by to look for some penguins to smack around and I just spent the last few minutes bopping to this; my eyes glued to the screen.

Oh, those Peanuts!

Thanks to Mikey and Keith for the link!

UPDATE: Can’t find the Hey Ya, Charlie Brown (Hey Ya, Peanuts) clip? Try this link.

For you


So you can be first.

Welcome to the family, my VERY evil non-Asian male twin.

I just have to clarify something…

… that I can not *really* give credit to my high school French class for teaching me that “les poissons” is fish.

I must give props to Pierre from The Little Mermaid for his musical rendition of the song (lyrics below) which not only made me remember one French phrase, but also makes me want to run around saying “Hee hee hee, haw haw haw” to complete strangers.

But I will acknowledge that this fine piece of cinematic animation was indeed screened in my high school French class because of the “educational French aspect” of Pierre’s performance. In fact, we watched many ‘educational films’ to help “round out” our French educations. Either that, or our long-term substitute teacher was too busy working on her Masters thesis during our classtime.

At some point we must have watched the entire closet of French films… everything from Cyrano de Bergerac to Jean de Florette to The Return of Martin Guerre to The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe and The Return of the Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe. I do remember an argument a debate we had with our sub when we ran out of French movies to watch. The “agreement” we came to was that we would be allowed to watch movies in English, so long as they had a “French component.”

And I’m 99.9% sure that French class was where I watched Die Hard. I believe the justification for that was because someone was eating french fries (pomme frits, says Keith… I sure as heck didn’t know the French for that) at the beginning of the movie.

I hope a die hard ‘Die Hard’ fan will either confirm or deny if indeed a french fry scene exists in this movie, because I have no idea if it is true. But I guess it sounded like good enough justification to our sub on why ‘Die Hard’ was an ‘educational French film.’ I’ll admit, I certainly thought sitting in 2nd period and watching ‘Die Hard’ sounded better than conjugating verbs in French.

It occurs to me that this is simply another reason why it’s just an atrocity to rename our tasty fried friends “Freedom Fries.”

WWHSFSW? What Would High School French-learning Students Watch?

And can someone explain to me why Gérard Depardieu’s photo on IMDB is THIS?!!?

Where is Jose Eber when you need him?
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Here’s some REAL Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins for ya!

That’s right, Skits, my favorite Meatspace organizer, has opened up her blog for Free For All Friday.

So for a little change of scenery, I did some blogging over there & provided her some gratuitous sax & senseless violins.

Check out her other guest bloggers & learn how to rag roll, too!

2 years of high school French…

… and I can only count to four & I know that “les poissons” is fish. Oh, and that a young, blonde Emmanuelle Béart danced nude in the fields of France while playing a goat-shepherdess in “Manon of the Spring.”

Soooo… are you able to tell me which is correct?

A) “Je veux mutiler quelqu’un.”

B) “Je voulez mutiler quelqu’un.”

[My question was: What is the French for “I want to maim someone.”?]

And someone said that “Je veux tue quel qu’un.” (or qu’une, if a female; accent in tue is missing) is French for “I want to kill someone.” but that’s not very helpful because I’m thinking I’ll have more reason to use the word “maim” in French.

Happy Monkey! 4702 (or something)

Happy Year of the Monkey and all that good stuff!

Lunar New Year fell slightly earlier than I’m used to, so it kind of snuck up on me. My mom is a bit miffed that I’m not spending New Year’s Eve/New Year’s at home, but I’m making up for it this weekend. Someday, maybe we’ll all celebrate New Year’s together in Taiwan. Maybe.

As far as Chinese New Year’s rituals, superstitions, traditions, and taboos go, I do my own rendition of things. (New slogan: Four-thousand-plus years of Chinese tradition and along comes jozjozjoz)

In the meantime, this is the extent of my “traditional ritual/celebration/superstition/taboo” stuff:

•I’m wearing red for Chinese New Year
•I had a vegetarian breakfast (sesame bagel).
•No using knives of scissors today! (I don’t believe a bagel-cutter counts as “a knife or scissors” and the plasticware used to spread the cream cheese really couldn’t be considered a “knife” now, could it?)
•I doubt they’ll have a whole fish available at the restaurant we’re going to tonight, but if they do, I’ll order it. And not eat it.
•I don’t want to go outside and pick any oranges, so I’ll substitute a grapefruit for oranges.
•I paid off all my major debts before the new year (it counts if the check is in the mail, doesn’t it?).
•We cleaned the house before New Year’s Day (my desk doesn’t count) & we will do no cleaning tonight. No sweeping the good luck away with any silly brooms or cleaning supplies!
•And I kept my hair unwashed as long as I could but I couldn’t stand it and caved. (No calling me “GreasyHead” this year!)

May you and your loved ones be happy, healthy, and prosperous!

And in the words of many a mandarin-speaking kid:

Gong Xi Fa Cai… Hong Bao Na Lai!

[Yes Ernie, mandarin is in italics]

Your 2004 Luck Prediction

Animals in the Chinese Zodiac
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I got home at midnight.

Except for the driving I did today, I worked the entire day. Oh, I did take a 45 minute nap during my lunch break instead of eating. But even dinner at Prado was a meeting for Job #2.

I hope there is some sort of Chinese New Year Eve superstition/karma thing that says that I will win the Lotto or something for working all of the last day of the year.

No Hollywood Bowl Box for us this year

The Bowl called me yesterday to offer up a Box at the Hollywood Bowl this coming summer.

We love the Bowl & I had signed up on the (long) waiting list for a Box this past summer. Most people hold on to their Boxes for a lifetime & I’ve known people who have waited 10+ years for availability for certain boxes. I was more than surprised to get a “priority call” about a Box yesterday afternoon.

Yoshi and I spent a couple of hours discussing, debating, and trying to figure out our schedules to work for a couple of the series we were interested in.

In the end, we passed on spending $1500+ on a Box at the Bowl, even though we both really, really wanted to. Due to travel/work/performance schedules, it just didn’t make any sense for us to subscribe to a regular series.

I’m feeling like it’s just not our time to have a Box at the Bowl (sigh), but we plan to be subscribers (no Box) if we can “design our own” series. Our subscription at the L.A. Opera has always been “design your own” and it always works well that way.

So the good news is, we will not be blowing $1500 on a Box. The bad news is, we don’t know if a Box like that will be available to us again for a while.

Seen everywhere else, but beat my Scrabble score of 57!

I’m not likely to jump in on memes and things at the same time everyone else is doing them because it’s always been like me not to do the “in/trendy/now” thing at the right time. I either do it super-early or super-late.

That being said, here is my fashionably-late Scrabble score:

Pholph’s Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 57.
What is your score? Get it here.

Sean: 4, Amber: 9, Krix: 15, Annie: 5, JavaMama: 22, Everything’s Zen: 33, Rilana: 6, Hawq: 19, Raevyn: 12, A Typical Female: 26, Sugarfused: 15, View From the Bench: 37, The Presurfer: 20

Even cheaters like Busy Mom/Bizzy Momm: 41 can’t beat my score of 57!


*Joz does a mock karate chop, pulls a muscle, and slinks away in shame*

Why I support The Draft.

Before you think I’ve gotten all political on you, let me clarify:

By “The Draft,” I mean saving things as drafts before I publish them on my blog.

I just went back through my entries and every third or fourth entry is a saved as “Draft.”


Because I have stories to tell & don’t have the time or mental energy to finish them.

But if it wasn’t for “The Draft,” I would have completely forgotten the story & not remembered when I started it.

And that’s why I support The Draft.

[ProfessorEric says that instead of going back to finish writing the entries myself, I should just publish the draft & let anyone and everyone finish the entry in the comments… like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. I don’t know about that yet.]

Ok, no surprise, but I’m at work…

… Are you at work or at home today?

Just wondering.

Why my brother rules & why I may not have replied to your emails in the last month.


Weeks after complaining about the fuzzy screen/broken computer problem I had, my brother has “fixed” it.

To make a long story short, it wasn’t (just) the video card that was messed up. It was a “software-related issue” & aside from not being able to look at my monitor for more than 15 seconds without getting an instant migraine, I witnessed all my software (starting with my email program) begin to fail; one program at a time.

I was grateful that I got Yoshi a brand new computer from Dell over the holidays (it’s supposed to be an early birthday present). Guess it was kind of a present for me, too, because I kept hijacking Yoshi’s new computer and also dumped 10+ gigs worth of stuff on Yoshi’s brand-spankin’ new 120 gig hard drive (which had been added to the 80 gig HD that came with the machine) to rescue it from dying with my machine.

To be truthful, my brother didn’t really “fix” my old computer. He gave me a “spare” computer he built [which happens to be faster than his own] and is almost as fast as Yoshi’s new computer. And he took my old one back with him to see if he could “rehabilitate” it.

I am a really lucky sister.

Or more accurately, I am an annoying and obnoxious sister who really, really did not like having a computer of her own.

So the good news is, I have a “new” computer. The other good news is that I get to keep my 21″ monitor. The bad news is that I’m still reinstalling all my software & still don’t know if I can recover the email/etc. I’m hoping I can figure all that out, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

It’ll take me a couple of days to get to it because Yoshi says we have to head out now, so I’ve got to get my ass in gear & away from my computer.

I am in trouble.

Yoshi has been saying “go to bed” for like 3 hours now.

I wasn’t even working (that much). Uh oh.

Tired of being tired

i am sick of the monotony of L.A. i wish there was some way for me to leave this country for a bit. anyone want to take me away? let me know -professorennui


Check it out! and send your good wishes!

If, like me, you are at home in front of the computer on Friday night…

… here is some Kung Fu Porn to spice up your evening.

NSFW! Don’t click on this if you are are a minor or are offended by naked people doing the “Invincible Wheel” or “Wonder Screw.”

Thanks to echeng for the link.

Exactly how long is a lunch “hour” again?

A “quick bite to eat” for lunch with my friend on Wednesday turned out to be everything but “quick.”

We decided on CPK at Hollywood & Highland and unbeknownst to us, we got there just in time for the taping of On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Our timing rocks [/sarcasm].

There were mobs of people all over the place because John Mayer and Donald Trump were the guests. And there were gaggles of shrieking fans. GAGGLES! SHRIEKING! Loudly! I think they may have punctured my precious eardrums. (I wonder if they were screaming for John, Donald, or Ryan?)

Don’t these people have to work? Go to school? Get their nails done? Something OTHER than hang around and watch TV tapings?

Anyway, we got to the front door of CPK and everyone is staring up at the giant screen with Ryan’s talking head.

“Do you want to sit inside or out?”

Mind you, the last four words of that question from the host were drowned out by the high-pitched wailing of the chicas being filmed while screaming unintelligibly. It didn’t matter because we were already walking through the doors and into the restaurant, the host following quickly behind.

The food was good. We shared the Tuscan Hummus Appetizer*. I had the Grilled Rosemary Chicken on Foccacia Sandwich* with a side salad and my friend had the Smoked Bacon and Gorgonzola Salad*. And we both had lemonade. Mmmmm, lemonade!

CPK's Smoked Bacon and Gorgonzola Salad

Ok, now I’m hungry and I’m stuck buying food from the Roach Coach. Gotta go before they leave.

Oh and click this for something completely unrelated.

Sorry, I had to get something to eat (Chef’s Salad) after seeing all that yummy food. I forgot to say that our waiter got distracted toward the end of our meal and we waited more than 20 minutes to get our check. We were close to walking out without paying. We are pretty certain the distraction was the mobs of people who wanted to eat at CPK after Ryan’s show had wrapped.

And then, we got stuck trying to LEAVE Hollywood & Highland. First, we were blocked in by the crew tearing down the stage. Then, we were stuck in the lines and lines of cars from people trying to leave the parking garage since the show was over.

All in all, my “lunch hour” ended up being longer than the 60 minutes I am allowed.

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