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We made it!

We’re in SF now and just checked in.

I must say, it rocks to stay on the floor that is connected to “The Lounge.”

Free snacks, soft drinks/water, and best of all… internet access!

Ok, I need to get back to the room now!

More to come!

Nappy Hew Year!

I like how if you do that on purpose, it’s a spoonerism… by accident, it’s dyslexia.

Rush, rush, rush! Much to do before I hop on the plane later today!

I thought I was supposed to pull an all-nighter on the NIGHT of December 31

So why am I still up at 4am?


(And I still have to do more stuff for Job #2… eek! It’s what I get for playing hooky. Serves me right. Oh well.)

Happy New Year (almost!)

So we’re headed up north to San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento & miscellaneous points in between on the way back.

This will be the 3rd(?) 4th(?) year in a row we’re spending New Year’s Eve in San Francisco. We simply refuse to be sick-sick-sick and stuck in the hotel room like we were the last couple of years. (“So what did you do for New Year’s Eve in SF?” Us: “We were too sick to get out of bed. We were too medicated to even stay up ’til midnight. Whee.”

We have some plans for the weekend, but also have some flexibility (in other words, we can’t decide on what to do yet).

We might get to see ProfEric and his sister, party with Cheyenne, sell crap on the pier with Kristina (uh, maybe not), have dinner with stkyrice & more! But it’s all up in the air.

We may end up putting up more Rusty posters. We could decide to re-grout the tile in Yoshi’s mom’s kitchen. Who knows what excitement is in store for us!?

So if you’ll be around and want to maybe do something, shoot me an email.

Happy New Year! Stay safe and have fun!

So I had a doctor’s appointment today…

… at one of the medical buildings at UCLA.

Imagine how thrilled I was to see as I was driving through campus, signs which proclaimed “HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM UCLA! NO PARKING PERMIT NEEDED 12/29/03-1/2/04.”

The meters were even covered with festive “SEASONS GREETINGS!” bags that said you didn’t have to feed them this week.

I guess the Parking Gods don’t give a crap about the holidays if you want to go to the Medical Center, though. It wasn’t until I was already downstairs at the kiosk that I found out I had to pay $7.00 to park in the lot under the medical building.


P.S. – The good news is that the doctor said everything was “normal.”

A Tip…

If it’s 3:30 in the morning and you want to say something to me, here are a couple of ways you could try to reach me:

Appropriate: Sending an email or IM

Inappropriate: Calling me THREE times at 3:30 am

Now, neither of these methods means I’ll necessarily respond to your message, but I can tell you that if you decide to call at 3:30am, I am much more likely to *NOT* want to say anything to you.


Playing hooky from Job #2 now only means I’ll have to stay waaaay into the night later…

… but I don’t care!

Back at work!

Yay for Monday mornings… right? Right?!

It’s not so bad… I’m by myself today so there is no one to infect with my cough/cold/sickness/plague/SARS thing.

And I get to leave early, so I’ll have plenty of time to go to office #2 and do some much needed cleaning/office work!

Our house is an obstacle course.

Trust me on this one.

You know what else sucks?

My monitor is dying.

My wonderful 21″ monitor (that weighs 2043759034 lbs and takes up a ton of space on my desk) is dying. It’s impossible to use it now unless you want to get a horrible migraine while trying.

Good thing I can hijack Yoshi’s computer for today.

UPDATE: Uh oh. I don’t think it’s the monitor. I plugged in a different monitor and the “fuzzy screen” business it happening on the ‘new’ monitor, as well… HELP!



Why am I sick again?


Damn, what the hell kind of xmas menu is *THAT*?

Last night dinner at my uncle’s was incredible. Incredibly *what* is up to you to decide. I’ll post pictures when I get back home.

Today, we drove out to spend part of Xmas day with some family friends.

I was IMing Meeta tonight and we (as usual) were talking about food.

me: Today we had turkey
me: and ham
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Happy Ramakwanukkahmas!

I’m tired of wishing everyone “Happy Holidays!” It just seems so generic… so boring!

I declare the entire month of December Ramakwanukkahmas!

So Happy Ramakwanukkahmas from jozjozjoz!

Happy Ramakwanukkahmas from jozjozjoz!

UPDATE: It’s pronounced rama-kwan-ukkah-mas! If you break it down, it’s really not all that difficult & it starts to roll off your tongue!

Do you have any idea how hard these are to get?!


A guy who works on the lot walked in to my office and gave me four VIP tickets for the Rose Parade… in the 4th row!


The bad news is that there is no parking available. The other bad news is that I’ll be up north & can’t use them myself.

But I know exactly who to give them to.

When we used to live in Alhambra (basically one of the next towns over), I have memories of spending the night on the street in sleeping bags to get curbside seats for the parade.

Anyway, I’m off to brave traffic to have dinner at my uncle’s house now.

Happy Holidays from jozjozjoz!

Saw this over at Stef’s and had to use it for my holiday greeting!

Happy Holidays from jozjozjoz!

Rusty must have gone on vacation with Romeo…

Thanks to everyone who has called, emailed, and IMed asking if Rusty had come home yet. Believe me, if his moppy little head had shown up back at Yoshi’s home in San Jose, I’d have already posted something about it.

Rusty, please come home!

My theory is that Rusty headed to Kansas to join Romeo for a little canine vacation. Jewdez says that Romeo is no where to be found

Romeo, go home to Jewdez!

I think it’s about time Rusty and Romeo ended their little vacations. You’ve each used up all your vacation days already and you are both expected to return to your respective homes for the holidays.

UPDATE: Yay! It looks like Romeo is home for the holidays. Where is Rusty, though?


Aren’t you glad the l.a. area quake map is one of my permanent links?

Looks like this was no where near L.A.

Click here for the latest.

The page for this quake (Event ID #: nc40148755) at USGS.

Click to see full-size map

Check out the aftershocks… (image saved from 11:38am)


(See the extended entry for continuing aftershock charts)

DID YOU FEEL IT? Report it here.

Here are some other posts from bloggers who felt it, too:
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Favorite quote of the day…

We were standing outside of Don Cuco in Glendale (next door to the historic Alex Theatre) when we noticed a guy walking down the sidewalk with a the most adorable teeny tiny black lab puppy in his arms.

As I’m busy saying “Awwwwwwww…,” Professor Eric calls out loudly “Hey! Guy with the puppy! Come here!”

The guy spins around in shock and says, “[Did you call me] Guy with the puppy?”

The Professor says in his usual charming voice, “Well I didn’t know your name and we wanted to see your puppy…”

The guy was very nice and let us see the CUTE little doggie, who looked very, very, very sleepy in his arms. We found out that he’d *just* adopted her and she only weighed 3 pounds and didn’t even have a name yet. He’d taken her for a walk and she got tired and so he had to carry her home in his arms. (Shyeah, right. I’m with Professor Eric on this one when he says he thinks the guy was just carrying around a puppy to pick up on someone.)

So anyway, he asked if we had any ideas for a name for her. Instantly, Professor Eric’s suggested Flower. Actually, it was “Flour” because flour comes in three pound sacks & it would also be funny because flour is white, but Flour is actually black (get it?).

The guy liked it but also said something about wanting a “gender-neutral” name like “Charlie” or “Jerri.” (Eh.)

So if you’re ever wandering around Glendale and see a guy walking his black lab, call out “Hey! Guy with the puppy dog! Come here!” and ask if the lab is named “Flour.” We’d really appreciate it. Thanks.


Too much to do.

Guilty of spending more money unexpectedly

me: bleh
me: my purse habit just made me spend $70
him: toad purses?
me: NO
him: oh
me: :P
him: i thought maybe you got one for Chrimbo
me: NO
him: lol
him: i could just see it now
me: No you can’t
me: And you never will, either
him: lol
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Going out to eat is fun!

Being a lazy bum is expensive, but fun!

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of lunching with marc brown at fabiolus (at Sunset and Vine, near Amoeba Records) yesterday. It was a pleasure to see him again. Look! He took a picture and posted it on buzznet!

have a fabiolus xmas!

The next day, one of the guys on the lot took me out to lunch and we ended up at the Raleigh Cafe at Raleigh Studios (across the street from Paramount Studios).

Chips and Salsa at Raleigh Cafe The mural at Raleigh Cafe
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“It’s just a full-grown, winged termite… no big deal.”

Yes, those words came out of the mouth of Bossman yesterday.

I sat down in his office for a meeting and saw a giant wing-ded buggeroo buzzzzzing in the window right next to me. It was probably just a few inches away from my face.

I thought I was being subtle and said, “That’s not just a regular fly, is it?” But I guess the terror in my voice/eyes must have given me away because Bossman said that we needed to get rid of it before starting our meeting… something about me being distracted if it was still there. (Imagine that.)

So he got a can of compressed air (that stuff you use to clean your keyboard) and stunned it so *I* could go and grab it with a napkin. Before I had a chance to nab it, Bossman walked to the other side of the window & quickly pulled up the blinds, effectively crushing the thing in the blinds.

I had to pull apart each blind to find the squished sucker and then wipe out the bug innards. I am pretty sure that isn’t in my job description.

For some lovely diagrams of how you can tell the difference between a winged ant and a winged termite, click here.

And this informative, yet disturbing site taught me that:

These winged termites are new kings and queens attempting to establish a new colony. They may also be referred to as “swarmers”.

Oh joy! And in our offices, too!

Have you noticed?

I’ve been moblogging!

I was one of the first people to sign up for buzznet & even pimped it heavily… a bunch of my friends have joined buzznet & it’s been great seeing buzznet get such great “buzz” from folks like Jason D-, Flavorpill, and the New York Times.

You’ll see that I’ve syndicated my images, as well as those of my friend James on one of the sidebars of my blog. (I hope he decides to take some more pictures with his phone soon.)

Even though you don’t need a camera phone to enjoy buzznet (you can easily upload digital pictures from your hard drive to the buzznet photoblog), I really liked the easy moblogging features and wanted to utilize them. But my stupid camera phone attachment didn’t let me send emails properly for a long time so I didn’t add any new photos to buzznet for a while. Now that my camera phone is working, I’ve been playing with my phone a lot more.

I know that I’ve been busy and distracted so be sure to check out my moblog as a supplement to what’s been written here.

If you missed it, here are some tidbits from my moblog:

-yoshi! puts up a ‘Find Rusty’ sign in the car
-joz parks in the Osbournes’ parking space
-joz discovers a new radio station in l.a. to “dance to my inner gay boy’s delight”
the salads at the IWMF Courage in Journalism Awards at the Regent Beverly Wilshire

…and more! You can also leave comments to my pictures at buzznet… try it out!

[this ends another heavy buzznet pimping session. you may now try buzznet and see how great buzznet is for yourself!]

Definitely not as bad as not being able to find Rusty, but still distressing…

… Friday afternoon, I lost my keycard & key to the office.

They usually hang around my neck all day & though I’ve been known to lose quite a few things in my time, I’ve never had a problem with my keycard or office keys. Except the fastener to the keycard broke & I lost everything in it along with it.

The good news is that I lost it somewhere in the office. I know this because (sadly enough) I didn’t set foot outside of the building after coming in. The bad news is, despite searching high & low, near & far (and any other place Grover taught us about) I still can’t find it.

I walked the halls, checked the restrooms, and even cleaned my desk & it hadn’t turned up by the time I’d left work on Friday.

I had hoped that it might have dropped into my bag/purse, but despite cleaning out over the weekend it hadn’t reappeared.

Ugh. I’ll definitely need it next week & the week after when I get to (whoo hoo) come early and open the office. Oh yay.

UPDATE: I just found it. Stuck inside of the couch… I had to reach in deep down inside to get it. Ick.

More “Mini-Me” reality TV show news… with photos!

In regard to the issue of whether or not the show will be “exploitative,” Verne’s manager Elena is quoted as saying: “We’re not here to make a spectacle out of ourselves.”

For me, that remains to be seen. A lot depends on how the show is done, but I notice that the show is described in the article as a “half-hour reality comedy.”

That is all… for now.

NBC has lined up Verne Troyer, left, Elena Fondacaro and Phil Fondacaro for a half-hour reality comedy about their lives together.

Peacock gets ‘Short’ notice
NBC develops reality skein on ‘Austin Powers’ thesp

(from, subscription required)

Call it “The Real (Little) World.”

NBC alternative topper Jeff Gaspin has pacted with producer Mark Cronin’s Mindless Entertainment to develop “Life Is Too Short,” a half-hour reality comedy starring two-foot-eight thesp Verne Troyer (“Austin Powers”) and his surrogate family.

“Osbournes”/”Simple Life”-like skein will follow Troyer, along with his manager Elena Fondacaro and veteran character actor Phil Fondacaro (“Willow,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”), as they live and work in Hollywood. Trio, who are all little people, live together in a San Fernando Valley home that’s been specially built to accommodate their size.
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