What I submitted to the Ellen Show…

So I dig the Ellen Degeneres Show and I hog TiVo space by recording it everyday. Since I’ve been working so hard, I haven’t had time to watch it. Until Sunday, that is. This is what I submitted for her “What are you doing while you are watching me?” segment.

Wouldn't it just be my luck to look like total shit for my first time on national television?

I work 3 jobs and have been working 18-20 hours a day for about a month straight. I finally got sick on the day of a major event and spent the next day on the couch in front of TV catching up on 3 weeks worth of Ellen shows I had saved on the TiVo. I am on cold medication and recuperating while watching your show. I think I’ve watched more than 10 hours of your show today and feel much better now. Whoever said “Laughter is the Best Medicine” was on to something.

P.S.-I put a picture of myself watching Ellen on my website at jozjozjoz.com

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