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Home Sweet Home

I’ve spent very little of the past four days the little home that Yoshi & live in.

Between being at places where I felt “at home…” the office all day yesterday, at my aunt/uncle’s house on Thanksgiving, visiting Shelli’s home, and staying at my parents’ home in Orange County for a couple of nights… I actually spent the bulk of my Thanksgiving Holiday outside of my *own* home.

I don’t remember at what point I stopped thinking of my parents’ home (the house I basically grew up in) as “home.” Sometimes I still call that house “home-home,” but I usually call it my parents’ place now.

Before moving into the place we’re living now (we rent a small guest house), we were living in a condo with yoshi’s family. Before that yoshi and I kept separate apartments (we both had roommates though), but spent all our time together at one place or the other. I always referred to these places as “my apartment” or “the condo,” and even when I called it “home,” it never really felt like what I thought “home” should feel like.

I realized this weekend that while there will always be a part of me that considers the house in Orange County “home,” that my home now is in L.A. with Yoshi. I’m looking forward to the future that we will build together… and despite any house we may actually *buy* in the future, I feel like this is our first “home” together and the thought of this makes me genuinely happy.

The only thing that is missing from our home tonight is Yoshi. Oh, and a doggie of our own.

(Hurry home, Hunny!)

Am I back to my old tricks again?

Today, I spent more than 8 hours doing work for Job #2. So much for a “relaxing” long weekend.

Also, I spent an hour in the morning playing dogcatcher. I’ve been known to stop what I’m doing to chase down dogs so they don’t become roadkill. I saw a skinny, stray dog run across a VERY large, busy street several times, and I really didn’t want anyone to have a new brown & white hood ornament.

Despite the fact that I had my hands on the little brown & white dog TWICE today, he was so unhappy about being handled that I dropped him for fear of being bitten and going into a rabid fit. Actually, he DID manage to (just barely) break my skin through a leather jacket. I guess it really wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but I couldn’t stand the thought of letting him run around until he got run over.

The funny thing is that after I let the first one go (the lady whose yard I chased the dog into called animal control after he’d wriggled through a hole in the fence and already taken off down the street), I saw ANOTHER dog (a Chow with a collar) running across the same big, giant street and down the same residential street as the little brown & white one.

Since I saw the truck from the pound heading over, I stopped to give the animal control lady a quick report of the two dogs & went on my way, set back one hour in every task I had to do today.

What a way to start the day.

Do you know who rocks muchly?

Shelli & her hubby Routerguy!

I visited the painfullycool household briefly Friday night and didn’t want to leave. I got a tour and Shelli showed me stuff like the grill, the turkey fryer, and the police report for the the stolen van. And I got a DEELISH piece of cheesecake made by Routerguy.

Not only are they always wonderfully hospitable and welcoming, they really *are* painfullycool folks with a great family. I met all the girls + had the treat of meeting Shelli’s MIL, too.

And they remembered my birthday!!! (A post about my awesome birthday week coming soon… with a birthday gift list, too!!!)


UPDATE: Shelli tells the stories much better than I do!

Ate too much…

Why do I do this to myself every year? Arrrgh!

And now my mom is on my case about my weight and her weight and GAH!


IT’S THANKSGIVING! It’s 3am! We are supposed to be sleeping, not worrying about the 1328023874183274 calories ingested in one evening!

I’m *supposed* to stuff my face with all the nummy food my auntie and uncle prepared… turkey and steak (filet mignon) and mashed potatoes and stuffing and gravy and corn on the cob and green beans and garlic bread and a teeny weeny bit of cranberry sauce and a piece of Marie Callendar’s pumpkin pie with real whip cream with a scoop of Dreyer’s Apple Pie Ice Cream!

Despite the fact that they were topped with little marshmallows, I did pass on the yams, though. Ooh, a lot of self-control needed on that one!

[yams/sweet potatoes are on my short list of 3 foods I absolutely, positively hate to eat.]


I’m a firm believer in daily gratitudes, even for little things.

You shouldn’t save them all for one day of the year, anyway!

Although I’m planning on putting together a long list of Thanksgiving gratitudes, here are some of the silly gratitudes I’ve had throughout the past year:

Your Friday Gratitude™ should be: “Thank goodness Joz doesn’t have her digital camera yet” and Friday Gratitude™ update

Friday Gratitude from August 15, 2003

No blue balls for me, thankyouverymuch

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Out of control

I just have stayed up all night working for Job #2. And they won’t even appreciate it.

It is now way past 5:00 am!!!

My alarm clock is about to go off for when I usually wake up to go to work.


Pink Chihuahua

Sounds like a cocktail to me…

Thanks to stkyrice for the link!

Posted on Wed, Nov. 26, 2003

SF woman gets dog back — dyed pink
Associated Press

San Francisco – In gumshoe circles, they’re calling it the case of the pink Chihuahua.
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Hee hee

I’m still giddy from the awesome birthday I had.

And don’t forget, I’m not done celebrating yet!

Eggplanty skinning goodess!

Thanks to Gingersmack and her artistic and skinning magic & I now have the World’s Most Eggplanty Blog™!


Screenshot of

I know it might *seem* like I’m completely obsessed with eggplants, but really, I’m not. I don’t think I’d even mentioned eggplants once before I started working on the Eggplant Puzzle.

Nonetheless, for those of you who hate eggplant, or miss my weird-looking doggie, you can change the skin here.

Thanks again to Gingersmack for enabling skinning on my site!!!

Birthday Bliss

It seems so appropriate that I am working all day on my birthday.

I’m not complaining though, since I’ve been celebrating since Friday night & plan on continuing to celebrate through the long weekend.

I’m so happy that I got to spend time with three of my very favorite people in the world over the past weekend and realize that I have a lot to be grateful for. AND, I received some really incredible gifts! (Truth is, ANY gift is actually quite a surprise for me!)

I walked into my office today to find that my co-workers had decorated it with balloons and ribbons. You can’t see them in the picture, but they decorated my desk with small purple balloons (says co-worker K: “side note: the little purple balloons remind me of eggplants.”). Balloons are on the walls, tied to the tree, taped along the front of my desk… ribbons are tied to my phone, my chair, the handles to the drawers on my desk… it is all so sweet and thoughtful! And BossMan, who is a wine collector, left me a bottle of Merlot for “later this week.” (Glad he clarified that. We were talking about popping it open first thing.)

Joz's Birthday Office... sorry the picture sucks, but it is really festive here!

I thought I’d pop in and post this quickly to say thanks to everyone who has called, emailed, sent cards/gifts wishing me a happy birthday.

So far, this has been a great one.

2500 commenter!

I don’t really keep tabs on the # of comments I get, but it caught my eye earlier today when I checked my site to see that had reached 2500 comments.

And commenter for #2500 was none other than Genevieve Gallen!

Genevieve Gallen leaves comment #2500!

(Genevieve, your prize is a Diet Pepsi!)

You MUST(ard) be kidding me!

So this is one of the catalogs that ended up in my mailbox today. Pretty appropriate since I just got back from Vegas.

Viva Las Mustards!

Like Genevieve (and her Grey Poupon), I am a fan of mustard… but this is a bit over the top. The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum? Mustard Bath & Rub?

Someone’s a bit too obsessed with mustard, me thinks.

Also, I think that Poupon U. sounds like something associated more with Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog than with an innocent condiment.

But that’s just me.

Nice Pep Rally Chant, though…
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Back from Vegas…

…arrived at home at approx 4am. Thanks to my mom & Yoshi for driving so I didn’t have to.

Now I’m at work.

…more later…

Going to Vegas this weekend

I was wrong when I said that I was done with weddings for the year. It seems as though Wedding Season has now been extended to the end of the year, as I’ve been invited to two more from now until the end of the year.

This weekend, my cousin and his bride will be getting married at the Bellagio. So we are road-trippin’ across the desert and headed to Sin City. Speaking of Sin City, I hope to see Krix while we’re out there, so I’m hoping it all works out.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to go to the wedding in December, due to a scheduling conflict. I’m actually really disappointed about this one because our friends R & L are having their commitment ceremony. For as many weddings I’ve been to, as many gay & lesbian friends I have, I’ve never been to a commitment ceremony & I’m mad that I have to miss this one.

Then again, until it’s legal for gay & lesbians to get married & have the same rights as everyone else, I don’t know that I’ll see too many of my same-sex couple friends having ceremonies. Here’s hoping California takes a step in the same direction that Massachusetts did this week. Meredith provides a great breakdown of what’s happening in MA. A paper that she co-wrote is also to be distributed to Massachusetts House, Senate, and the Boston City Council. That’s so kick ass.

I don’t know why people accuse me of being impatient about surprises…

Seen on IM today…

yoshi (3:13:27 PM): did you order something from amazon?
me (3:13:54 PM): Did I?
me (3:14:16 PM): I might have
me (3:14:18 PM): I don’t remember
me (3:14:21 PM): Did I get something?
yoshi (3:14:26 PM): there’s a box here for jozjozjoz
me (3:14:31 PM): Really?
yoshi (3:14:35 PM): yep
yoshi (3:14:43 PM): mebbe it’s a birthday present
me (3:14:46 PM): IS IT A SEGWAY?!?!!?!
yoshi (3:14:49 PM): nope.
me (3:14:52 PM): Damn
yoshi (3:14:59 PM): unless it comes in a 4x9x4 box
me (3:15:13 PM): Maybe it’s the do-it-yourself version of the Segway
yoshi (3:15:32 PM): i don’t think so. but you can think that until you open it
me (3:15:43 PM): You can open it
me (3:15:51 PM): PLEASE PLEASE

me (3:15:54 PM): NOW NOW NOW

me (3:16:04 PM): NOW NOW NOW!

yoshi (3:16:31 PM): freak
yoshi (3:16:35 PM): hold on a second
yoshi (3:18:26 PM): it’s giftwrapped. i’m not opening it
yoshi (3:18:40 PM): it’s from mike doss
me (3:19:04 PM): really? cool!

First of all, THANK YOU, MIKE!!! Aside from letting me be a mooch off you hosting my blog for all these months & being my personal 24/7 “oops. i think i broke something” tech support line, you’ve been a great friend. A present is definitely over the top!!! THANK YOU!!!


Thirdly, Michael, no matter what you do, please do not send me the toad purse for my birthday or Christmas. I kindly decline in advance. Thanks for the thought though, bub.
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Eggplant Puzzle Progess: Day 3.5 (Final photo)

Yes, we actually completed the puzzle this past weekend, but I was too lazy to take a picture until Wednesday night. And I didn’t bother to post about it until today.

Here is our completed Eggplant Puzzle… unfortunately, we don’t know what to do with it now…

Day 3.5 (Final photo)

What’s in Your Fridge?

It was actually Genevieve’s idea to take pictures of the insides of our fridges and put them next to each other. (See ‘Why I am not a model and why she is. (Part 2)‘.)

I got a great laugh out of it and it’s even inspired skepticult share a photo of his fridge

Now, I want to see what’s inside YOUR fridge.

What's In Your Fridge?

Call it lame, call it a meme, call it what you want, but I’m serious. I want to see what’s inside your refrigerator. Leave it as a link in the comment, or post it on your blog and ping back… either way, I wanna see!

Don’t have a fridge? You could always build your own.

UPDATE: MJ at FridayFishWrap pointed me to the original Web Fridge Project. Not trying to copy anyone or to do something that’s already been done… just curious as to what’s in people’s fridges!

Why I am not a model and why she is. (Part 2)

This is a follow up to the earlier entry: Why I am not a model and why she is.

Here is more photographic proof of this:

Actual photo of jozjozjoz's refrigerator

Actual photo of Genevieve Gallen's refrigerator

Thanks to Genevieve for providing the photo of her fridge.

To be fair, even though it looks like the closest thing to food in her fridge is a jar of Grey Poupon Mustard, you should know that I was responsible for filling up her fridge with Diet Pepsi and Sugar Free Red Bull as a result of a crazed Costco run. She also has frozen vegetarian food in her freezer.

And yes, she eats out, a lot!

My arm still hurts…

… Yoshi spent the night making fun of me and my aching arm.

Ok, ok… I’m a wimp about some things, but seriously, I’m sore.

Yoshi was all “Mine doesn’t hurt. Stop complaining, you big baby.” Then again, Yoshi has spent the last month being poked, prodded, cut open, & scoped.

But aside from not having to worry about being knocked on my ass with the flu this winter, I am glad I got the flu shot because we got lollipops before we left… good ones, too… SEE’S!!!

And now, I am sitting at work enjoying my Vanilla Lollypop (that’s how See’s spells it)… see?!

My arm hurts, but I'm soothing the pain with sugar.  Click to see my giant head even more giant.

UPDATE: I made the picture smaller because I couldn’t stand to see my huge head take up all that space. I really need a haircut.

Ow my arm hurts!

I just got my flu shot today.

My entire arm is sore.


Our office has a low-tech “intercom” system

I’m leaving someone a voicemail & in the background you can hear my boss is yelling to the other office to the assistant: “Tell him I’ll call him back!”

Less than a week away?

I’ve had that birthday countdown thingie on my right sidebar for so long, I’d forgotten about it.

But I was reminded yesterday that my birthday was a week away.

A few months ago, I had all these grand plans of having a big birthday party with friends (instead of only family), but it won’t be happening. I’m still recovering from all the crazy hours of work and the stress of the last couple of months and just don’t have the time or energy into putting a party together for myself.

Besides, as any Christmas baby can tell you, it sucks to have your birthday be close to a major holiday. Most of my friends are already in “holiday mode” and their schedules are so booked that I probably won’t see them until January, anyway.

I am grateful that I always get to see my family for my birthday at Thanksgiving, but I’ve got to say that it’s kind of lame to have someone stick a candle into the pumpkin pie and call it the “birthday pie.” There have been years where my aunt and uncle went out of their way to buy a birthday cake, and they even apologize on the years they don’t. But I guess all that matters is that everyone is gathered around and wishing you well. (I could do without the bad singing, clapping, and then repeat in Chinese, though.) And it’s not like there’s not already enough food to go around at Thanksgiving that anyone misses having an extra slice of cake.

The worst was the year that my aunt was trying to find paper plates for the pie & the only thing she had were leftover “Happy Birthday” plates from my cousin’s party in May. When my other aunt saw them she started laughing, “Ha ha! It’s Thanksgiving, not anyone’s birthday!”

And I was like, “Um, excuse me, yeah it is… it’s mine & you all sing happy birthday to me every year at Thanksgiving.” At first she thought I was joking but when she realized I wasn’t, she was really embarrassed and went into the other room to stuff a red envelope with some cash… so it wasn’t all bad.

I definitely get gypped on the presents, though. I guess when your birthday is a month away from Christmas, people think it’s ok to combine gifts. That’s ok. The things I want most in my life are not things that people can buy me, anyway.

since i’m going to be sick anyway

i went out and bought me some taco bell. three regular tacos. watch out stomach, here they come!

see, i’ve eaten very well for the past week, and i’ve yet to have a regular trip to the bathroom (not to gross you out with any of the details), so i give up. cut to the part where i just get sick and i’m going to eat what i want.

but i still expect sympathy when i’m complaining of a stomach ache.

that’s just the kind of person i am.

I’m going to beat Yoshi to the punch and blog this:

I’m not going to be happy about hearing about how my Hunny’s tummy hurts from the Taco Bell.

You can still say “Joz would never hurt a fly,” but really, I *would* let one suffer and die a slow, painful death.

Poor Yoshi has had not had real food in weeks. I bet it sucks to have to live on soup, jello, yogurt, and popsicles for close to a month.

Last night, Yoshi was really hungry and craved “pizza or Chinese food” and despite my offer(s) to make something not greasy for dinner, I caved and went out to bring back some Chinese take-out for dinner.

When I walked through the door, I must have let a giant fly into the house, because it kept buzzing and buzzing around us and the food while we were eating.

After Yoshi left the room, I was determined to get rid of the fly. We don’t have a flyswatter in our house, so I decided I’d try to catch the fly so I wouldn’t have to ruin a perfectly good magazine and smash fly guts on an appliance or worse yet, have to touch (ew!) the fly with my bare hands.

Believe it or not, I managed to catch the fly in a plastic bag. I can’t tell you how I did this, but I will say that there was some fly hypnotizing going on. And in 15 minutes, I had a fly trapped in a plastic bag & I tied it shut. (And shook the bag a lot little to make sure it was definitely in there.)

The problem with plan was that I didn’t think through what I’d do with the fly after I caught it.

Seriously, what do you with a pissed off fly? One that was buzzing furiously & already busy plotting an angry attack on me in my sleep? I thought about letting it out outside, but then I would have to go out into the cold backyard & risk the chance that the fly had already signalled his fly brothas telepathically and that I would be jumped by a gang of irritated winged insects.

So I did the obvious & put the sealed bag of air (+ 1 really livid fly) into the garbage.

I doomed the thing to suffocate in our garbage can.

I felt really guilty for being so evil & Yoshi had to reassure me that it was “just a fly” and that “there are billions and billions” of them in the world.

Except it only made me wonder if I was going to be the target of some worldwide fly vendetta.

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