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And now, for something completely unrelated to gallbladder talk

Would you do this chick?

(Thanks to OutOutBlogger for the story!)

Would you do her?
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I just talked to Yoshi about half an hour ago.

Sounds like there was much improvement overnight. When Yoshi’s voice came through the phone, it was a voice that wasn’t drugged out and sedated.

Yoshi hasn’t needed demerol today… for the first time in several days. I think that’s a good sign that the pain is not so bad that they don’t need to administer more pain killers.

A procedure (I assume the ERCP) is scheduled for later this afternoon. I hope this will help determine a definite plan of action so that my Hunny can come home soon.

Update from last night…

I actually sent this to our friends (who don’t read this blog) at approx 1:45am last night. Since I haven’t talked to anyone since then, this is the latest on my end.

Thanks to everyone who has called, left voicemails, and sent emails sending good wishes. It is good to know people are thinking of us.

Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 1:47 AM

I am too tired to give a full update.

Yoshi’s parents drove down this morning and spent the day in the hospital while I was at work. I am grateful my Hunny wasn’t alone all day.

The pancreatitis is being stabilized. This takes time, depending on the individual. Until this is stabilized, they don’t recommend gallbladder surgery unless absolutely necessary. The GI Specialist came by at about 9pm to evaluate & is recommending ERCP (procedure using a lighted scope (endoscope) with X-ray pictures so a doctor can see the system of tubes that drains the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas). I have learned a lot from WebMD by searching “pancreatitis.” This will give the doctors a better picture of what is happening.

Anyway, depending on how long it takes for the body to heal from the pancreatitis (this could be anything from a day to several weeks) and what they see in the ERCP will determine when Yoshi will get the gallbladder surgery. They also plan to have some bloodwork done tomorrow, so that should also answer more questions.

I just want my Hunny to heal quickly, come home, and get/stay healthy.

I also want sleep. Thanks again for everything.


I thought gallbladder removal surgery was supposed to “easy” and “quick.” That’s what everyone kept telling us.

Maybe it would have been less complicated if the surgery could have been done prior to things getting worse.

So the latest word is that they are stabilizing the inflamed pancreas (pancreatitis) so that they can schedule surgery.

They think this will take a week. A WEEK!

HELLO!?!?! Yoshi went to the E.R. LAST MONDAY. That was 10 days ago! We weren’t even given a surgery date until yesterday… and it would have been another 6 days of waiting if Yoshi hadn’t been checked in yesterday.


I WANT TO BREAK THINGS. (Keep me away from your expensive toys.)

At least Yoshi has company now while I’m at work… Yosh’s parents drove down early this morning from up north & is sitting and hanging out in the teeny room… still wish I could be there…

Yoshi update

I am going to write a quick post about what happened tonight… the detailed version is more horrible than the condensed version.

Yoshi was dropped off by ProfessorEric at the hospital at like 3:20 and admitted at 4:00.

At 7:20 (when I was driving to the hospital), i got a call from Yoshi’s cell phone… Yoshi was BAWLING in pain… NO ONE had been there to see/take care of my Hunny.

Yoshi had been sitting there for over 3 hours with no doctor to visit… No drugs for the pain had been administered (the last vicodin taken had been prior to noon).

By the time I got there, Yoshi was delirious in pain sitting on the bed (still wearing the street clothes… not changed into a gown) puking in a bed pan. after more than 3 hours in the hospital, waiting… they had JUST administered demerol.

When I went to the nurse’s station to ask what the hell was going on, no one seemed to know who was responsible for the patient. Evidently, when Yoshi got there the admitting doctor didn’t know who Yoshi was… turned out a different doctor in the group WAS expecting Yoshi, but for how many hours, no one bothered to check on my Hunny?!?

I guess it was ok to just let someone sit there in a bare room (no phone, no call button, no tv remote) in extreme pain? Yoshi wasn’t even allowed to take the previously prescribed vicodin because it wasn’t “authorized.”

By the time I paged the doctor and started bitching, the head nurse (who i think was just starting her shift) realized i was MAD and then relieved the other nurse that was just starting her shift and took over herself. I think I scared the head nurse because she took over and gave extra special care after i got there… i think she knew i was about to start bitchslapping people.

Within 20 minutes of me getting on the phone with the doctor (the nurse heard me calling and complaining) the ekg and chest x-ray were done, blood was drawn, and also IV fluids/antibiotics put in… this more than 5 hours after Yoshi arrived at the hospital.

Around 9:40pm, the head nurse came by to check up on yoshi, who was still complaining of stomach and back pain, asking for more pain killers. So the nurse called the doctor and i guess the blood work came back and the amylase levels were high, indicating pancreatitis so the recommendation is that Yosh be seen in the morning by a GI specialist & and deal with the pancreatitis first before scheduling gallstone surgery.

Must sleep so I can wake up early and get an update from the head nurse before she leaves her shift.

More wildfire photos (& earthquake, too!)

OutOutBlogger sent me this link for some amazing fire pictures. I also really like the link to the satellite photos she has.

As I was typing the above sentences, I felt the building move. My boss came out of his office and asked if we felt it.

It turns out there was a 3.7 magnitude earthquake 5 miles north 3.6 magnitude earthquake 1 mile northwest of Simi Valley. That’s all they need out there. Fires, earthquakes, and aftershocks. When the locusts come, I’ll be hiding out in my bomb shelter. Wake me when they’re gone.

UPDATE: If you felt the earthquake (it was pretty little), fill this form out…

Reason #387104397034: Why I love ProfessorEric

So Yoshi’s HMO/hospital/doctor FINALLY scheduled the gallbladder removal surgery for Monday.

Of course now that we finally have a date scheduled, I get a call from Yoshi at work today, “I don’t think I can make it until Monday.” I guess the increasing doses of vicodin has not been able to block the pain.

So, Yoshi is going to the ER right now to have emergency gallstone surgery (if they have a bed available, that is).

I had to call ProfessorEric and ask him to play chauffeur so that Yoshi wouldn’t try to take the wheel and drive to the hospital in pain.

The minute The Professor heard my voice, he said, “What do you need? Ok.”

So obviously, I love Professor Eric.

If you don’t believe me, check out the love letters we exchanged. They are truly moving.

Ok, is this guy evil or just plain crazy?

And if he’s crazy, he should still burn (no pun intended) in hell for trying to start another fire.

Authorities Arrest Suspected Arsonist

Hikers In Eaton Canyon Reported Man
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Breaking news… this just in….

In a related story to Jozjozjoz’s last post, a close friend of mine sent me some really incredible photos from her cul-de-sac in Simi Valley – one of the areas in Southern California affected by the fires.

Her family and neighbors were up all weekend armed with hoses watering down their property, and keeping watch on their homes. They all had their valuables packed up in their cars – which was parked at the end of the street in case they needed to flee. Thankfully – their homes were spared. They were part of the lucky few who escaped damage.

fire 1.jpg

fire copter.jpg

The sky is gray-orange-brown.

I went outside to go to the other building and found that I couldn’t breathe when I got back to my desk.

I just had to use my inhaler… and I’m not even close to any of the fires.

Whether you’re in Ventura, Simi Valley, Rancho Cucamonga, Hemet, or San Diego… If the fires are close to you, please be careful.

Here is a particularly detailed account about one San Diego community from the L.A. Times

Life-or-Death Choices on Staying or Fleeing
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So what else is new?

Just so much happening. I’m a wreck.

The extra hour we got this weekend was spent at Office #2.

Actually, on Saturday, I went to Office #2, then to Job #3, directly back to Job #2 until 5:30am on Sunday morning.

Then I got up 3 hours later and headed for Job #3 again, but not before swinging by Tiffany in Beverly Hills to pick something up for Job #1.

Then it was back at Job #3, where I waited until the day was over so I could take my Jobe Benjamins home.

In all of this, I’m neglecting everyone I care about, including Yoshi, who is still waiting for surgery.

Why do I do this to myself???

UPDATE: Do not taunt happy fun ball.

I should give my grats. too!

I am grateful that I finally have a plan for my Halloween costume!

It started when my sister told me that she is planning to be a 50’s housewife. (I will be in s.f. this Halloween, and spending it with sister and friend.) Hmmm… I thought, what could I be that could go with that. Ponder ponder ponder. Got it! Since she will be someone from the 50’s, I am going to be someone in his 50’s (my dad specifically, dirty undershirt, jeans, flannel shirt, grey hair and beard, and of course an AARP card!) Simple and fun. But what will my friend be? Got that too! Since sister will be from the 50’s, and I will be in my 50’s, she must be 50! 50 Cent that is! I think it is clever and very stupid; just the way I like things. What are y’all gonna be? Curious…

belated friday gratitues…

1) for the geko 201 gps

2) for my girlfriend mentioning that we should get a gps unit (and for me having the sense to buy it) for our hiking trip into Utah’s Paria Canyon Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness area Coyote Buttes and the Wave

3) for my girlfriend learning how to use it

Buy Jobe!

I’ve been bad. Very bad. I feel really guilty even though everyone says I shouldn’t.

So over the course of the 8 years or so I’ve worked (part-time) at Job #3, I’ve managed to resist the urge to blow my cash on stuff.

I finally caved and bought stuff today. I am amazed I held out as long as I did. A few months ago, I saw the work of a certain photographer, and I wanted it.

What did I do? I bought 2 prints by Jobe Benjamin.

I’ve been debating for a week (since I was here at Job #3 last Sunday and got a glimpse of a few pieces that Jobe had brought by to be sold)…

Here are the two from last week (not the ones that I bought)…

Comfort Zone, by Jobe Benjamin
Comfort Zone (PHOTOGRAPH BY BENJAMIN Pigmented inkjet print and photograph: “Comfort Zone” by Jobe Benjamin (American, b. 1956), points of color playing over the back torso of a nude woman, 22 1/2″ x 15″, signed lower right; unframed. Est $600-800)

Americanization, by Jobe Benjamin
Americanization (PHOTOGRAPH BY BENJAMIN Pigmented inkjet print and photograph: “Americanization” by Jobe Benjamin (American, b. 1956), red and blue striations on a nude woman arched across the seat of a chair, 15″ x 22″, signed lower right; unframed. Est $1000-1500)

Do you want to see the ones I bought?
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Mr Don & Ms Joz (and Sean, too!)

Click for larger picture!

This is the only picture that we were able to take before my camera battery died. Thanks to Don for driving out to Santa Monica and also to Sean, who joined us at CPK a little later in the evening.

It was nice to meet you both and I hope to spend more time with each of you guys, soon!

(Yvonne, we missed you!)

lucy in the sky with diamonds…

i’m funny when i’m high. at least, everyone seems to think so. i talked to my brother for 1/2 an hour today, i haven’t heard him laugh like that in ages. and i was talking to tcubed, and she was laughing at me too. maybe laughing AT me is different than me being funny.

so i take vicodin every 4 hours to keep my stomach and back from exploding. vicodin makes me weird. it makes me itchy, too. but i seem to have a knack for using big words and making up silly songs when under the influence.

and have i mentioned my obsession with food?
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Free food!

Not as good for me as a salad, but hey!  It's freeeeeeee!

Because I didn’t bring my lunch today, I planned to get a salad from the lunch truck. I was really bummed when the lunch truck wasn’t out there at 12:30 like it usually is.

I went to the receptionist to ask if he knew if the truck would be coming today and he said “Hold on.” He led me into the executive offices where a meeting had wrapped & they had leftover sammiches, pasta salad, and giant cookies. And I got a diet coke! Woot!

Except for the fact that I have to rush and get some stuff done for Job #2 before going to meet Don tonight, I’m glad to finally have an evening of something other than (all) work. And maybe I can get Don to buy me dinner tonight?!?!

If you’re in the L.A. area tonight & want to meet up for a late dinner, we’re going grub at a fine establishment in Santa Monica (near 3rd St. Promenade) at 8pm. [email/comment me or Don if you want to know the details!]

Although Yoshi will be stuck at home, resting up for surgery, rumor has it that Yvonne and Sean may make appearances. Stay tuned!

(Bows to skits, the Queen of Meatspace.)

I plead “sleep-deprived”

Oddly enough, I’m not that tired right now. I feel weirdly sore all over & also have that gross acidic feeling in the bottom of my tummy… both normal side effects of sleep deprivation.

The strange one is the cussing and swearing for no good reason. Obscenities keep sneaking into my conversations… I caught myself in time before I blurted out something stupidly rude and inappropriate in my meeting this morning with my boss.

The words dumbfuck, shithead, asswipe have all spilled from my fingers in IM or in comments. I’m not even in a bad mood or anything. It’s just that my damn vocabulary has been hijacked by a pirate, I think.

Yeah. A sleepy pirate. Damn him!

PS- If a sleepy pirate signing comments ::jozjozjoz:: has visited your blog today & said something stupid, I am not at fault. Really.


Doh. At the same moment that Yoshi called my cell phone to see why I wasn’t home yet, 2 different people IMed me and said “STOP WORKING AND GO TO SLEEP!”

I’m so in trouble now…

I’m really leaving Office #2 now… really I am…

Keys found!

Yosh!: the number one reason why the jozjozjoz needs to hang up the keys when she gets home…
Yosh!: they tend to fall off the sideboard when there’s 1,001 things on it.
Yoshi!: your keys were between the sideboard and the couch.


Ow, my head. And where the hell are my keys?

I woke up EARLY (between 5 and 6am) this morning to get some work done before I left for work.

Among other things, I was rifling around in the loft for some stuff. As I was leaving the loft, I bonked my head REALLY REALLY hard on the doorway (obviously it’s not a standard-sized door). There is a giant bump on the top of my head and it still hurts, almost 5 hours later.

And then I tried to walk out the door to get to work on time & couldn’t find my car keys ANYWHERE. I had to wake Yoshi up and borrow the Hunnymobile to get to work. But not after wasting 20 minutes looking for the damn keys. The latest word is that Yoshi still hasn’t seen my keys anywhere.

I know that I brought them in the house because I had been sitting in the car, talking to Gingersmack when I got home last night. Well, actually, I had dropped by keys on the asphalt and my remote door key fell apart into 6 pieces. I had to put it back together in the dark and test it to see if it still locked the doors.

It did, and I walked in the house… where they promptly disappeared…


my body is my enemy…

after a trip in an ambulance and some really good drugs, i now have to make an appointment tomorrow to have my gall bladder removed. yay.

jozjozjoz is NOT happy about this.
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$48,400 wasn’t enough?

Oh please. And by the way, according to this, it’s Sajak who fears bear hugs from contestants.

[rolls eyes]

Man Sues ‘Wheel’ Host Sajak Over Hug
Winner On Show Seeks $2M For Back Injury Claim
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Hello Summer!

I just got back from lunch.

It is 90 degrees out there. I think I am now slightly toasted. Last time I checked, it was October. Did someone mess with my calendar?!

Since I also managed to spill sauce and breadcrumbs on myself, I thinking that perhaps the weather gods were in the mood to make some Joz Au Gratin.

Whoo hoo for Job #2 and Job #3

If you count the fact that I was at Office #2 until 4:30am… and that I will be at Job #3 from 11am to approx 5pm… and that I’m planning to be back at Office #2 from 6pm until past midnight…

I will have worked 16.5 hours in one lovely L.A. Sunday.

And don’t forget, I get to go to my regular Job #1 on Monday morning…


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