Vegas, here I come! (Getting my dialing finger ready)

So even though I don’t get to see Krix on my trip to Vegas this weekend, I’m excited because I found out that my friend, Mike Carlucci (radio/sports announcer, longtime Dodger PA announcer) will be in Vegas this weekend to call a L.A. Kings (vs. the Colorado Avalanche) game at the MGM Grand!

Even though I will be busy running around the Strip with my cousin & her friends, I’m going to make time to see Mike, who I haven’t seen since I visited him while he was calling a Dodger game for the 4th of July about 2-3 years ago.

I will also spend most of my drive across the desert (to and from) listening to CDs or Books on Tape, or making phone calls (hooray for free weekend minutes and free long distance!). So among others, Cheyenne, Heather, Krix, Don, Ericalynn, Kevin & Ginny, Michael, and Mikey2 will be getting calls from me. I also promised Genevieve Gallen a call (we have much to catch up on!).

Do I owe you a call?

You’d better make sure I have your # before I go… :P

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