I’m a dumbass. (Reason #24651353)

I let some time pass before writing this so that maybe I would not feel like such a dumbass. Despite the fact that a week has gone by, the feeling has not subsided. I realize that there’s no denying it, so I may as well embrace it.

What did I do this time?

Remember how last week, I was complaining that it would be $530 (plus tax) to bail my car out of the dealership?

I had left the car at the dealership all day while I was at work, figuring that I wouldn’t need my car until I needed to drive home. I was able to arrange lunch with my friend (former co-worker) A.C. at a Thai place that was within walking distance, so I didn’t need my car to go out to lunch, either.

So, like my usual workaholic self, I was working my ass off on a fine Friday afternoon, despite the fact that my boss was out of the office for the day. Although I COULD HAVE/SHOULD HAVE left early, I stayed late to work on some projects that I really wanted done before the weekend.

Before I knew it, it was 6:30 and I realized I should probably go bail my car out. A.C. had offered to take me to get my car (It turns out that AC lives 2 blocks away from our Lot!), so I called him to pick me up. In 5 minutes, I was hopping into his Jeep, on the way to the dealership.

As we got there, I saw the dealership dudes closing the gates. They close at 6:30 on Fridays! I begged and begged the dude to let me get my car, but I could see the cashiers were already outside and there was nothing they could do. “See you tomorrow,” were NOT words I wanted to hear at that moment.

My car had to spend the night in maintanence jail because I was too dumb to leave work on time & go get my car when I was supposed to. A.C. was a total sweetie and drove me all the way across town during Friday traffic so I could get home at a decent hour. It’s a good thing he did. When I told Yoshi what I’d done, the response was, “I’m not picking you up.” Good thing I was already in A.C.’s car and on the way home when I called. Otherwise, I would have been stranded with nothing but my bags of work in Hollywood on a Friday night.

Anyway, Yoshi and I woke up early and drove all the way back across town on Saturday morning so I could go pay the $550 ransom and since I was right near work, I spent another 4 hours in the office doing work (isn’t that what got me in trouble in the first place?).

I was mad and grumpy when I bailed my car out AND IT HADN’T BEEN CLEANSED even though it was clearly stated on the work order that my vehicle was to be washed. After paying $550, you’d think the least I’d get is a free car wash. (Trust me, it was totally disgusting and dusty.) I complained that my car was still dirty when the dealership dude was releasing the car back to me (he was on his cell phone while doing all this) and he said “Next time, I promise.” WHATEVER!

Aside from being grumpy that my car was still dirty, I was also miffed they did not put the tire cover back on my spare (it’s pretty hard to do and I asked them to do it). I ended up going to the office, paying an extra $15 for the car wash guys at the Lot to make my car nice and sparkly (the way I was hoping it’d be after paying the ransom). It’s now Thursday and my tire cover is still sitting in my trunk (instead of on my spare tire)… grrrr!

So now I’m $565 poorer, but my car is running well & everything is ship-shape. At least I know I’ve done my part to make sure my drive across the desert this weekend will be a safe one.

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