Oh yeah!


We are going to see Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai tonight at the Staples Center!

UPDATE: Mike has informed me that Wil & Anne were at the same show as we were. No, I didn’t see them. I guess it’s a good thing that Yoshi & I didn’t run into “my boyfriend, Wil” on our date night.

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6 Responses to “Oh yeah!”

  • oooo – lucky you! i’ve seen several different Cirque performances, both traveling ones and the vegas ones, but i haven’t seen Varekai yet. have a great time!

  • everyone keeps telling me I need to see one of those in my lifetime but I am still clueless of what it is about. I don’t do circus’ but it’s not exactly that is it? so confused but anyways girl have a great time and dammit when I come down there enxt weekend we need to get together! :)


  • A guy I work with saw it and said it is AMAZING. He had one of the program books, and it looks so cool. Have fun!!

  • Oh gurl! I’m way jealous! I’m about to buy it DVD. I hope you remember to get me something there. ;)

  • There was a special on Bravo last month or the month before about Varekai and the grueling amount of work leading up to the show. They just don’t swing out deep enough in the cornfields of the upper Midwest. I will see Cirque du Soleil sometime.

  • Chey — you live in SF. have you gone to Teatro ZinZanni? it’s great dinner theatre that is Cirque on a smaller scale. go check out http://love.zinzanni.org/

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