Gotta keep myself busy somehow…

My gf is in Vienna, Austria visiting her family, and i’m going nuts trying to keep myself busy to pass the time away until she gets back. Usually time flys – especially when you are having fun, but I’m not having fun, all work and no play makes sharky go insane!

To keep myself busy and amused during the day I do a bit of work, chat up some friends, bug jozjozjoz, and surf the net. One of my favorite places to visit on a daily basis is Skurdycat’s blog site. I’m so loving the adorable photo of Jen as a child, I’m sure you’ll like it too. She recently posted this great link to a UK website that’s kept me quite busy this morning (and keeping me from working). It’s a slang website and you type in a word and it gives you the Brit slang for it. So I thought I’d share it with you all …. here are some phrases I typed in:

n. an inquiry of health, and confirmation of same.
“Hey there, old chap – jozjozjoz?” “Jozjozjoz.”

v. to kiss violence.
“We should yoshi, girl.”

professor eric
adj. more exceptional than usual.
“Do you like my girl, Jackie?” “Yeah, it’s professor eric.”

n. a type of television programme.
“Check out that tcubed, buddy!”

sharky the kid
n. a particularly irritating girl.
“What’s with the sharky the kid, Billy?”

adj. colourful.
“Girl, you’re so Denise.”

Interesting that they are sooooo eerily on the mark *wink*

Bussi Bussi Bussi mein schatz

(Also seen at jewdez and snazzykat)

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