Another Public Service Announcement from the ::jozjozjoz:: Network: WARNING! No ice in the ass!

If you party too hard and pass out, do not try to revive yourself like this.

Thanks to OutOutBlogger, who sent me the link in the first place.

me (11:48:48 AM): Did you blog about this yet?
OutOutBlogger (11:48:57 AM): no, but i’m thinking about it
her (11:49:18 AM): did you want to?
me (11:49:42 AM): I might
her (11:49:47 AM): sure. go ahead.
me (11:49:47 AM): I sent it to my friends via IM
me (11:49:52 AM): They are cracking up
me (11:49:55 AM): No pun intended
her (11:49:59 AM): har har

So here are some of the IMs I exchanged with other friends about this…

(after sending him the link)
plasticfruit (11:51:19 AM): you know….
him (11:51:25 AM): I could have told you THAT
me (11:52:32 AM): Come on!
me (11:52:54 AM): Isn’t that the most logical way of reviving someone who has passed out from an OD?
him (11:53:18 AM): OMG – you made me spew water
him (11:53:23 AM): hahahahahahahaa
me (11:55:24 AM): Don’t forget that this weekend if someone passes out while line dancing
me (11:55:44 AM): Although it may be very tempting to rip their pants off and shove ice up their asses, IT MAY NOT BE SAFE!
me (11:56:18 AM): *This concludes the public service announcement from jozjozjoz. We now return to our regular programming.*
him (11:57:10 AM): bwaahahahahaha

BUT WAIT! There’s more…

(after sending her the link)
friend (11:47:02 AM): you are weird
me (11:47:31 AM): Why do you say that?
her (11:47:46 AM): need you really ask?
me (11:48:19 AM): I’d like to see if this accusation is grounded in any kind of truth
her (11:48:47 AM): I don’t think I need to explain
her (11:48:53 AM): the link you just sent me says it all
her (11:49:01 AM): and have you looked at your own website lately
me (11:49:24 AM): I’ll have you know that that link is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT
her (11:49:30 AM): right
me (11:49:33 AM): I *care* so I *share*
her (11:49:50 AM): I’ll remember that next time I’m a gay man in a club and I pass out due to a drug od

Warning on ice cube enemas
By Judy Skatssoon
September 24, 2003

DRUG and medical experts have issued a warning following evidence that would-be first aiders have been using ice cube “enemas” to revive people from drug overdoses.

Experts say putting ice cubes up the rectums of unconscious people has no physiological benefit and can even lead to seizures and stroke.

According to Paul Dillon, research officer with the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), some people have been attempting to insert ice cubes into the anuses of friends who have become unconscious after taking the party drug GHB in the mistaken belief that it will revive them.

But GHB overdose expert David Caldicott, of the Emergency Department of Royal Adelaide Hospital, said the practice was potentially hazardous.

Quoted in the gay community newspaper the Sydney Star Observer, Dr Caldicott said putting an object into the rectum of someone not expecting it could cause a “vagal” reaction.

This occurs when the vagus nerve, which slows the heart, is activated.

On top of the blood pressure-lowering effects of GBH, a vagal reaction can potentially stop blood flow to the brain.

The matter should not be treated as a joke, Mr Dillon said.

“An overdose in a club is embarrassing enough for the person involved,” he told the Star Observer.

“The sight of the incapacitated person with their pants around their ankles having people inserting ice cubes is beyond humiliating and potentially dangerous.

“Some of the people doing this should know better and should not pretend to be trained medical professionals.”

The procedure could also result in charges of sexual assault, he said.


Also seen at revelling.

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