Buttery Jesus

You all need to praise the Butter Jesus. Do you not remember he was pasteurized for our sins?

Our buttery savior

Found at: jesusoftheweek

And more in-depth at: Duffy’s Website

Curious how we came across this Midwestern delight? “Hurl Some More” to hear me tell the short story long…

So this morning we decided we wanted coffee and so we saw a Krispy Kreme drive through and decided that it would be fast to go there. Well it wasn’t. Let’s just say there are a lot of people here, who do not think about how much fat they eat every day. People were ordering boxes and boxes. Hopefully some of these were for various offices, and not all going to themselves, but unfortunately I have a feeling that is not the case. This is evident by the fact that when we pulled up to the squawk box, we were greeted and asked “How many dozen of creamy, hot, dripping doughnuts do you want today?.” The many adjectives and adverbs that get thrown out here for food introductions are absurd. And there is usually some sort of mention or usage of at least 2 or 3 of these words: creamy, buttery, cheesy, thick, slather, dripping, lots, tons, boatloads, etc. in these descriptions. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the healthiest of people, I love my fats, and sugars. But from what I see here, there is a Guinness book of world’s records record to be won here. (I dare not go to a pie-eating contest.)

Ok, point being, we were in the car, making fun of all of this, and in my bad (yes, offensive) midwestern accent we started declaring our “favorites.” Like: “oh my, I love my cheese!” or “mmm.. you know me an crème sauces.” As we drove to work, with just our coffees, no doughnuts, we passed a whole bunch of churches. Most of them have those boards out front where they write about masses etc. And you know how they also sometime do those messages, or quotes from a psalm? Here they are rather weird, and sometimes creepy. Can’t remember any right now. I did once see one that said, “In God we trust, but lock your cars.” Anyway so we started jackin’ on how some here are also obsessive over god too. So that began “Oh, love my Jesus!” which denigrated to “oh I love my buttery creamy Jesus” to finally “Oh I love my butter Jesus.” We both looked at each other at that moment and realized that out here, there must be butter that is shaped like Jesus, our spreadable lord and savior. At the office, I hear laughing from the other room. I walk in to find this lovely picture of The Last Supper, Jesus and all completely made out of butter. And, as mentioned in the documentary short on her website to paraphrase “Jesus is at the head of the table as opposed to in the middle.” So for all of those bored at work check out here movie. You can also order, to frame and hang over the mantle, next to that great picture of the kids on Santa’s lap at Macys. She can send you a Kodak color print (8″ x 10″) of The Last Supper are
$8 and shipping is included in that price.

So here is my favorite part of the story. I copy the QuickTime file, which shows Duffy making a butter sculpture of a cow, and put it on the server so that we could laugh and I jokingly told them that we should remember to include it in next years festival. One of our great volunteers overhears, and says, “Oh, she builds those butter cows every year at the state fair.” Apparently, as mentioned also on her website, she has done many other butter sculptures of farm scenes, famous works of art of course “and extraordinary people, including President Eisenhower, Elvis Presley, country singer Garth Brooks.” Everyone else in the office seemed to know her and her work too. I guess we were the last to know. Oh well, enjoy our buttery savior. -professoreric

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