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Why is this necessary?

This was originally an email to Joz, but I thought I’d throw it out there for some more comments and thoughts…

I finally uploaded my pictures from my trip out here to Wichita, and remembered this bizarre billboard that i had to take a picture of.

Is this sign necessary?

Here are my questions: Why are the quotation marks necessary? Who are they
quoting? And most importantly, what has happened or rather how many times has something happened to make them feel necessary to put up this billboard? I am also curious if any statistics have been taken about the success of this sign. has the rate decrease? has it given more people ideas they shouldn’t have? hmmmm… so many questions for one roadside sign…. i wish the answere was as easy to gather as the Alien Fresh Jerky sign that you pass on the way to vegas (it is just a shack that sells jerky… i believe there is even a website.)

remember the days of good ol’ fashioned billboards? what has happened? and why is the bible belt so fucking weird… “the world may never know” (as a tootsie-pop commercial once said.)


Yes, we have no red carpet images…

Sorry Joz baby and all of the blog fans – I let you down. I feel really bad. Thursday night when I went to the Secondhand Lions premiere down in Westwood, I was running late, and completely forgot my cell phone and camera! Thus there are no red carpet photos of anyone.

So to make it up to you all, I’m posting a photo of the Yummy-licious Ms. Jennifer Garner who was at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon the Sunday before the premiere. It was a fun day out at the beach watching all the athletes compete, also a good place to star watch, as well as cheering on my sweetheart who did her very first triathlon (Congrats sweetie, i’m so proud of you!)

Before the race, I talked for a few minutes with former Ironman Triathlon Champ Aussie Greg Welch (who was cheering on his wife Sian Welch), Actor William H. Macy (who is so good looking in person) we chatted a bit about his cycling leg of a relay team – and his beautiful and talented wife Felicity Huffman was running the anchor leg of the team. And there were other stars scattered around here and there. So without further delay… the gorgeous and oh so talented…… Ms. Jennifer Garner
garner shark 1.jpg

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