Daily Archive for September 19th, 2003

Final ransom amount: $530 (plus tax)

That’s right! The car dealership service department is holding my car hostage and I must pay $530 (plus tax) to get it back!

Ok, so I brought it in to do the yearly maintenance ($140). I asked them to check my tires (I knew there was a giant bolt/nail in the spare) and they found giant nails in my spare tire AND my right front tire ($30 to patch). I’ve had this ongoing problem starting the car & it turns out they have to replace the idle air control valve and clean the throttle body ($360). All of this is including coupons and discounts.

At least my brakes are fine. I shouldn’t complain… at least I have a (pretty) nice car to drive my ass around town.

Plus, they’re going to wash the sucker for me so it’ll be nice and shiny when I get it back. It’s the least they can do after sucking me dry.

I mean $530 is enough to fly one of my cabana boys out for a weekend… you know?

Went to bed late, got up early!

Got to bed around 3:40am.

Woke up around 7am. Had to stop by Office #2 & then drop off my very badly abused car at the dealership for its yearly maintenance.

At the Office #1 early… all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Or something.

I must be delirious to be in such a good mood after so little sleep… or maybe I’m just craving another giant Diet Coke.

I tried, I really tried… (to sleep)

After drinking my 52 oz., I left Office #2 at a very decent 12:30, getting home around 12:45. I did a bit of work and got in the shower and was in bed by 1:30.

Except that either the caffeine kicked in or (more likely) I was not exhausted enough to fall asleep, knowing I had some major tasks I hadn’t yet finished.

Now it’s heading to 2:00am and I’ve gotten back up to work some more… wheeee!

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