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Seabiscuit Revisited

A while back, I mentioned that I worked at the auction selling Seabiscuit Memorabilia.

Well, I am working at that auction house today (yes, I am working on Sunday. I work pretty much all the time) & before things get rolling, I thought I’d resurrect some really funny IMs professoreric sent me a while back.

professoreric (5:12:40 PM): oh joz, [my friend] is angry at me now
him (5:13:16 PM): she asked me if i heard anything about [the movie] Seabiscuit, and i made up a stupid story.
him (5:13:24 PM): and then she told me to shut up.
him (5:13:49 PM): here is what i said: rumor has it that Tobey Maguire plays a gay talking horse in that film, teaching kids to be open to the idea of homosexual livestock. people liked it but thought that the singing horse scenes were a bit much. it is the scene where Seabiscuit (voice by Tobey) is being hit on by a beautiful palomino wearing a sequin lounge dress and pink pumps. he obviously has no interest in here, and she tries harder by singing an erotic horse song. it is not mocking, it is the plot of the movie. people really like the scene where they are all in the shower after gym class and seabiscuit notices just how hung the other male horses are (yes, hung like a horse) and is very turned on and has to hide behind the saddle pile. luckily no one notices, except of course, Charles, the aristocrat gay horse, who is a bit on the flaming side. well, Charles trots up to him and makes some rude comment, some sort of disgusting come on line, and seabiscuit freaks out and runs away. in the end there is a great scene where he comes out to the stable, and they all learn a lot about accepting horses, no matter who they are. oh, and to end the plot, gross Charles, dies in a horrible church fire.
him (5:13:57 PM): she wont talk to me for a while now…
joz (5:14:07 PM): hahahahahahaha

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