Things on my anti-wishlist

After the whole ordeal of buying the perfect clutch to go with my outfit for the Emmys, I was reminded of the importance of having the perfect purse for your outfit. At my cousin’s wedding last month (the one where I had to wear a hat), I had forgotten to switch handbag & I brought a bright red Chinese silk handbag that clashed with my light blue outfit! My Emmy Stylist would so disapprove!

Anyway, I bring all this up because of Michael and his so-called great ideas for gifts for me. I mean, I know it’s the thought that counts, but geez…

him: i found what i’m getting you for christmas.
him: do you like purses?
him: cuz this is way hot
him: and I KNOW this is SO going to be a trend.
him: everyone is hand made
him: so each one is unique.

[joz stupidly clicks on the link, even though she should know better]

THIS is what Michael wants to give me for Christmas?!?!?!

joz: ew
joz: ew
joz: ew
joz: ew
joz: ew
him: what do you mean ew?
him: they awesome
him: so original
joz: You can’t get me a toad purse
him: and no one else will have one.
him: LOL
joz: I will have to get you some roo poo then
him: this site is amazing
him: [quoting from the website] Suffice to say that it’s untouched by human gland. 250 ml presentation jars of genuine dried kangaroo poo nuggets direct from the outback.
joz: Ewwwwwwwwwwww
him: so funny
joz: stop it!
him: lol
him: you dont like my gift ideas?
him: you probably think i’m the BIGGEST freak ever.
him: LOL
joz: Actually, I think I like you more now
joz: Just don’t be buying me unexpected gifts, please
him: lol. no prosthetic arms? [inside joke]
him: lol
joz: NO!
him: lol
him: and no toads
joz: If you ever buy me any gifts, they must be pre-approved
him: LOL
him: pre-approved, eh.
joz: Especially no toads in the form of a purse

I’m sure there is a long list of things that should go on my anti-wish list, but for starters, do not give me a toad purse, roo poo, a baby jesus butt plug, or prosthetic arms for the holidays. Or my birthday. Or ever.

[/concluding the public service announcement]

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12 Responses to “Things on my anti-wishlist”

  • Just gotta clear one thing up… we DO NOT use kangaroo shit as paperweights in Australia.

    That site freaks me out.

  • yah..i would think that those things would also be on my anti-wish list

    p.s. you CAN set MT to allow anonymous comments…

  • Did anyone ask the roos if they wanted their poo on display? How inconsiderate!

    I think the toad purse would go well with turtle shell hat.

  • I agree that it’s quite inconsiderate to display the roo poo without their permission.

  • Those roos should sue.
    I mean, do they follow the roos to the loo? Eww!
    Is it best covered in morning dew?
    Hell, they’d probably even make glue out of poo.

    And, now, I’m through.

  • Aww – I’m quoted! (Of course, not sure that’s what I would have chosen to be quoted on . . . but hey, whatever works.)

    So no RooPoo or toad purses . . . guess I’ll have to be more creative.

  • Whoa, that is a, for lack of a better word, unique purse….lol.

  • hahah! michael is one helluva funny guy!

  • Oh my. What people will sell, and what people will buy! I think your man deserves a walking stick made from a buffalo penis. Not sure where to get one (other than a sleeping buffalo). While he’s using it he can joke, “I stand erected!” and say “I wonder if this cane is hard-on the floor?”

    As for roo poo, I would certainly donate my poo to the endeavor if someone would pay me. I have pride, but I could also use the money.

  • RooPoo?? No thank you! There is a hell of a lot more crap that could be given as a gift!

    Just thought I would drop in and see what your site was all about. Thanks for passing by mine.

    The name jozjozjoz had me quite curious.

  • oh dear… here i go breaking the rules. this isn’t specifically related to this recent brain barf, but all your brain barfs in general… i hope that’s ok. i’m so glad you posted a comment on my site, because it allowed me to find your site, and read, and la la la love it! hooray! you looked truly glamorous in your l.a. emmys outfit (what fun that must have been!) and i’m so happy to know another l.a. blogger! wahooo!
    so i just wanted to say hi and ‘let you know i’ve visited’…!

  • OMG! That is by far the most disturbing site I have ever been on. *shudders*

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