I miss The Professor.

No more Friday Gratitudes™ with professoreric’s witty & funny comments (in the office, anyway). Sigh.

I just tried to IM him and this is professoreric’s away message:
Ok, kids, got a screening right now. which means that i am watching a movie and i get paid to do so… ha ha ha ha.

Life in Kansas sounds pretty good to me right now…

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2 Responses to “I miss The Professor.”

  • I miss you too baby! time will go by faster then you think… at least fo me. i am so busy here. but Wichita is a pretty cool place, and so many of the people are very nice and excited to have a festival in town. you know you are invited right? screw the emmy’s i’l give you the coveted eriy’s! i will try to find time to talk of my adventures, but as some of the things i want to talk about are things i really shouldn’t i will do my best to keep my content kansas appropriate. with all the love that the heartland has to offer (that’s actually quite a bit!) -professoreric

  • Eric, you still owe me a picture of you and the giant ball of twine!

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