Daily Archive for September 12th, 2003

I must maintain my hipster image.

So I will say that on this wonderful Friday night in Los Angeles, I am shall be partying my ass off* until 2am**.

I will be drinking*** enough to make my bladder whimper.

Party on, dudes!!!

*partying my ass off = data entry
**will be at Office #2 until 2am
***Another 52 oz. Diet Coke

I miss The Professor.

No more Friday Gratitudes™ with professoreric’s witty & funny comments (in the office, anyway). Sigh.

I just tried to IM him and this is professoreric’s away message:
Ok, kids, got a screening right now. which means that i am watching a movie and i get paid to do so… ha ha ha ha.

Life in Kansas sounds pretty good to me right now…

Welcome the Rusty!

Guess whose doggie this is!

Yes, I’m still up.

Yes, I did drink the entire 52 oz.

Yes, I did have to go to the bathroom about 10932423409817 times overnight.

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