Daily Archive for September 10th, 2003

Lots of work to do!


Almost 8pm… headed to Office #2 & will probably be working until past midnight.

And if I focus, I may actually make a dent in all this work.


Wherever you are Kristina, thank you!

My friend Kristina Wong (aka Kristina Sheryl Wong & BigBadChineseMama) just called me at work. She is stranded somewhere in West LA right now because her car broke down. She needed the phone number for the car repair place I had referred her to (oops, I guess they didn’t do such a good job!).

Anyway, as we were wrapping up the call, she asked me if I had seen her pictures from Burning Man, to which I said “Not yet!” She told me she had fulfilled my request of having something jozjozjoz.com related burned at Burning Man, so of course, I had to go check it out right away!

So, courtesy of THE Kristina Wong, Hello from Burning Man 2003!

Hello from Burning Man 2003, courtesy Kristina!

Kristina says:
“My friend Jocelyn who is a blogging whore made me write this and take a picture of it. This sign was part of a bigger art installation that was burned at the end of the week.”

Since it was very cool of her to do this, I will pretend she did not just call me a “blogging whore” on her site. :P

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