Daily Archive for September 8th, 2003

My Emmy Stylist is a genius!

When it comes to things like clothes, hair, & make-up, I am a total fashion dunce.

I am always picking out clothes that are comfortable but not at all flattering… putting my hair in a simple headband or ponytail… unskillfully slapping on some eyeliner & lipstick and running out the door in my ugly, sloppy clothes. (Please don’t nominate me for “What Not to Wear.”)

When I found out I was going to the Emmys, I knew that I needed help in a big way.

My fashion angel came to me in the form of Genevieve Gallen, who out of the kindness of her heart, offered to help me pick an outfit & do my hair and make-up for this event. How cool is it that I had my own Emmy stylist?!?! Even though we missed out on the opportunity to go clothes shopping on Thursday night (because I was a dumbass and left my wallet at home), Genevieve updated a black velvet dress I already owned and made it seem like a brand new one.

On Saturday, in a race against time, we went shopping for the accessories that really pulled my outfit together. Because Genevieve is such a great customer, the lady gave me a 20% discount on the black pashmina I wore & Genevieve found the perfect handbag, bracelet, and brooch to go with some existing jewelry I had. It kind of felt like I was on one of those make-over shows, but without the annoying cameras.

The best part though, was getting my hair and make-up done. It turns out that Genevieve always does her own make-up in all her photo shoots. She’s also done make-up for other models and she used her experience studying under “Make-up maven/mogul/maestroFrancois Nars to make even an ugly duckling like me feel like a swan. And I should also add that Genevieve worked really well under pressure. We were strapped for time & she did my hair and make up in record time!

Most of the time, when I see a picture of myself, I have to suppress the urge to jab my eyes out with sharp-pointy objects. I am very, very picky about photographs of myself… even more so when it comes to *showing other people* pictures of myself. So you have to know that when I put up the picture of myself holding the Emmy, I was really, really thrilled with the photo.

Here is a photo Genevieve took of me right before I walked out the door to leave for the Emmys. I except for the fact that I am not holding an Emmy, I actually like this photo of myself better than the other one because I am not all washed out by the flash & you can actually see how glamorous Genevieve made me look.

Genevieve glams Joz up for the Emmys

I got lots and lots of compliments at the Emmys (especially from people at work who see my normal frumpy self) and even had a guy roll down his window and whistle at me as I was on my way home!

Thank you again to my fashion angel & Emmy Stylist Genevieve, who made me look & feel so great!!!

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