Exciting Saturday (brief) rundown

As I am getting my Honorary Maid of Honor outfit ready for my friend’s wedding (the same one who had the bachelorette party last weekend), I thought I’d pop in & make a quick list of some of the stuff that happened yesterday surrounding my night at the LA Area Emmys:

-BOUGHT A DIGITAL CAMERA! Finally! (Still need another memory card)
-Went shopping at Century City with Genevieve Gallen, my Emmy Stylist, for some accessories to go with my outfit she helped me put together. (Thank you sooooooo much for taking time out of your busy day to help me get ready!!! You have no idea how much it meant to me and how much I appreciated it! And I felt so good after I saw how great the pictures turned out!)
-Back home for Genevieve to “primp” me for the night (that’s primp, not pimp!).
-Took a couple of quick pictures, rushed off to pick up my friend/co-worker who invited me.
-Drove like a crazed wombat to get to there before it started.
-At the Emmys… our show won another Emmy! Whoo hoo!
-Took pictures with my co-workers and friends. I got to take a picture with an Emmy even though I didn’t earn it!

There was more that happened, but I don’t have the energy to write it right now. I had much, much fun even though I wasn’t out that late. However, I did not get to bed until 4am. The last two hours of the night were spent playing with my new digital camera and figuring how to transfer the photos to my computer.

Ok, I’ve already been yelled at by my mom this morning (my phone shut itself off last night & I didn’t know she’d been calling me since 8am) so I sure as heck better not be late to the wedding. I am hoping that I don’t have to wear a hat this time.

More later, but for now, here is Joz holding the Emmy!

Ok, so I didn't win this statuette myself, but I figured I might as well get a picture of myself holding one at the Emmys!

PS- Thanks to everyone who invited me to parties and events for Saturday night… I am really sorry I couldn’t make everything! Thanks to Shelli for letting me cancel on our evening together that we’d been planning for so long.

Thank you also to the person who dissinvited me in the first place to the party I wouldn’t have been able to go to in the first place. After I got dissinvited, I got invited to the Emmys & some other parties, too. I am sure that getting invited to all these other exciting things was karma for the dissinvite. So to that person I say, diss away!

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