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Friday Gratitude™ update

So within 30 minutes of me posting the latest Terra story, one of our landlords called me at my office from Hawaii.

He NEVER calls me at work. And they’ve been gone a entire freakin’ week & have only called me once (in the evening when we were at home).

No, he didn’t read my blog (thank goodness!), but was just calling to see how things were going.

I simultaneously wanted to burst out laughing, tell him the story to embarass him, jump up and down doing the Ew-ew-ew! Dance™, and throw up the popcorn I had just eaten for lunch (shush about my popcorn meals. Today was the last of them, I mean it.).

But I just smiled sweetly and said everything and everyone was fine.

But Michael was convinced that they got wind of my blog. (And for the record, I said no such things about my pussy. Michael, you are a very bad, bad boy!)

Your Friday Gratitude™ should be: “Thank goodness Joz doesn’t have her digital camera yet”

Since our landlords have been on vacation in Hawaii this week, we had the great fun of dog-sitting the Moca & Terra. You may recall that Terra is the orally-fixated black & white dog that has the habit of picking up bones, slippers, shoes, dog toys, and anything else that will fit in her mouth when she gets excited or nervous (which is pretty much always).

Last night, as I was on the walkway between our house and our landlords’ house, I saw something funny-looking lying in my path. Since it was dark, I thought it was poopie & stepped over it. I went back out to push the garbage cans out to the street for trash collection day & made sure not to run it over with the can. When I came back from, I took a closer look & realized it wasn’t a poopie after all… I almost wished that it had been poop.
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