I guess I don’t get NY humor…

Here is another chat between me and James, my Hot-Asian-Guy-Friend-Who-Hits-On-Me-Via-Drunk-IM™.

james: is it jus me..or is this story hilarious?
james: MOUNT HOPE, Ohio (AP) — It’s an annual prank in this tranquil Amish community, where men wear straw hats and women bonnets and plain dresses: Youngsters hide in cornfields and hurl tomatoes at passing cars.

This year, the mischief turned deadly.

A motorist who had been pelted several times on Labor Day got out of his car and fired three to five rounds into the 7-foot-high corn, killing 23-year-old Steven L. Keim
me: It’s just you
james: hahaha
james: i can just see these amish people having fun with their tomatoes…and this crazy maniac killin them
james: well…maybe not so funny after all
me: It would have been funny if someone hadn’t died
me: Maimed, maybe
me: But not died
james: yeah
james: maybe it’s nyc humor..but everyone here thinks it’s fuckin hilarious

UPDATE: Ok, so I guess this amish story is kind of funny, but not really since someone died. My-NY-Friend-Alan-Who-Sends-Me-Hot-Pictures-Of-Himself-When-He’s-Drunk-And-Smoking-Cigars™ is online via IM trying to explain why it’s funny…

me: Please explain!
alan: hang on… reading
alan: lol
alan: that is kinda funny
me: See? I don’t think it’s funny!
me: I don’t get it!
alan: Ok
alan: how to explain
alan: hmm
alan: OK, when people get killed doing dumb shit
alan: that’s funny
alan: maimed is funnier
me: It’s all fun and games until someone jumps out and shoots you?
alan: yeah
alan: it’s like this story I remember
alan: on a super cold day these kids had poured water on the street in NYC
alan: so that it would freeze and they would watch car wrecks
alan: well one car skidded out and hit one of the dumbass teenagers that was doing the prank and busted his legs
alan: That’s funny!
alan: still don’t get it?
me: Ok, THAT’s funny!
alan: good, you’re not totally hopeless

Yay! I’m not totally hopeless!!!

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