Guess who’s in Amarillo, Texas?

I’ll give you a hint, you hold him close to your heart, and his name rhymes with Peric… Got it yet? Yup, it’s Eric (the professor). So Lela and I have made it all the way here to fucking Texas. This morning (Wednesday), we left Holbrook, Arizona (east of Flagstaff. By the border.) We saw the painted desert and the petrified forest (which didn’t look that frightened…) and they were both beautiful. When I have DSL, and not dial up. I might consider sending some pics. There was a great moment today in the car where Lela and I made the same gay joke with out any prompt, at the same time it was funny. The punchline was “Honey, Chad and Jeremy are coming over.”

We drove through (yes in Texas) a town called Bushland. Yuck. We stopped at the world’s least-friendly, most-filthy gas station, even though for about 100 miles it was advertised on billboards as being the opposite. We ate fairly vegetarian, at this buffet here in Amarillo, cause that’s where we ended up. There was meat in everything, even when we went to the vegetable table there was meat on it. It was one of those buffets where even though you know you are a good eater and that you can eat your moneys worth, the locals have their plates stacked in the dozens, piled high with the bones and drippings of a thousand head of livestock. Some of these people were very American (large!)… now we are lounging in our hotel room at the “Fifth Seasons” where our room number is 187 (police code for murder.) I used the metal part of a pen cap (left my Swiss army knife at home) to make sure all of the screws in the dead bolt were in as far as they could go. I won’t even tell you what we had to do to get online. It was like an ‘I Love Lucy’ skit.

And yesterday (Tuesday) we left L.A. even though it seems like a month ago. There were many adventures that we had yesterday. I will tell them in a random order as we try and remember: there was a crazy house that was for sale on the side of the highway, it looked like the Swiss family Robinson tree house, made out of UFOs and odd lawn ornaments. Oh, when we were in Arizona we saw the signs for Winslow, and knew we needed to get off and drive down a street there and get a picture of both of us “standing in a corner in Winslow, Arizona.” We got the pictures but while taking the last one a little boy (12 years old?) yells out the window of his father pickup “wrong corner!” We thought that was hilarious. Ok, can’t think of anything else right now, but when we get our pictures together I am sure I will remember more. Just wanted to let you all know we got somewhere safe, even if it turned out to be here in Amarillo. Oh well. We will be in Wichita by tomorrow. Woo hoo! Any questions?


Note: This was written by professoreric on the night of Wednesday, 9/3/03 & posted by jozjozjoz the next morning. Lela is Eric’s friend who is driving out to Kansas with him. I feel like I’ve been replaced by a new carpool buddy. Sob! Take good care of The Professor, Lela!

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5 Responses to “Guess who’s in Amarillo, Texas?”

  • i’ve never been to Amarillo, but i can vouch for San Antonio’s nickname of “fat city” :P you can pick out the tourists b/c: 1) they actually take pictures of the Alamo (it’s the smallest frickin’ thing you ever saw in your life, i don’t get it *shrugs*); 2) they’re skinny…hehe

  • During a cross country drive, I stopped in Amarillo for dinner. Carnivore that I am, I enjoyed it immensely (pun intended). At the (yeah they had one) Salad bar, this young (20 something) attractive Texan asked me where I was headed . I said, (thinking fast one my feet, Atlanta, which was in my view better then saying my eventual destination, my hometown of New York City). “really, she said, “can I come with you…I gotta get out of the stinking place”.
    Ah, temptation stared a MamaBear in the face.
    “I really don’t think that would be possible, but I am sure that you’ll find the right way to leave and do it with dignity.” Damn that sounded so Margaret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind, author) “I” almost bought it.
    She watched me as I ate dinner. I left with a questioning deep within me. Did I do the right thing. Yeah, probably. But did she see MamaBear, the Dyke- a- saur or just a ride to somewhere else?
    Almost makes me want to go to Amarillo.
    Have fun Eric. See the country. Appreciate what you have back here

    Rachel (a.k.a. MamaBear) from the lot.

  • Thanks for visiting, MamaBear!

  • I passed through Bucksnort, TN, when driving across the country (north to south) once. I didn’t have a companion so never dared to get out of the car by myself and take pictures of interesting destinations.

  • There actually is a right corner!
    My mom-in-law travelled through Winslow and they have a corner with a statue of Jackson Browne(songwriter) with the quote from the song.

    “wrong corner”
    That’s funny!!!!

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