Guess I’m fated to not spend anymore money

I was supposed to go shopping for something to wear to the LA Area Emmys (this Saturday night) with a friend after work today, but I did a typical-Joz thing… I left my wallet at home.

Instead, I ended up at Office #2, working until now (10:15pm). I came directly from Office #1 & since I didn’t have money for food, I haven’t eaten since my extraordinarily-healthy pizza & popcorn lunch at 1pm today.

So, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t buy clothes today. If I keep up my wonderful nutrition habits, I wouldn’t be able to fit into anything new anyway.

Besides, I just spent $350 on my subscription to the LA Opera, not to mention another $200 for my subscription to GMCLA, and the upcoming $150 I will spend for my subscription to Vox Femina Los Angeles. I also spent almost $200 for tickets to Cirque du Soliel’s Varekai later this month. And I have not even blogged about the 80 hour Series2 TiVo I bought for Yoshi last week.

Oh, and that digital camera I so desperately want/need? Still shopping for it.

And I thought my credit card bills were high last month


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