No game.

A while back, when Sharky went on an exciting trip, we played a little game here at… the Where In The World Is Sharky The Kid™ Game? You may also recognize this game as the WITWISK™ Game or maybe The Game That Joz Has Yet To Officially End And Send Prizes Out For Even Though Sharky The Kid Has Been Home For Months Now™.

I bring TGTJHYTOEASPOFETSTKHBHFMN™ up for two reasons:

1) I have the prizes. They are at home in a paper bag by my desk & have been there for months. I have to box them and send them out. I suck. I know this. Sorry!

2) ProfessorEric has left town and is headed toward another land. Rather than play another guessing game, I will just tell you that he is headed off the Kansas. Heaven help Dorothy & Toto. Oh, and I miss him to bits already.

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3 Responses to “No game.”

  • You’re not the only one who sucks at that…

    I have friends waiting no me for stuff I promise I’d send out ages ago…:\

  • Don’t feel guilty, you don’t suck, I know a lot of people like that. And no, I’m *not* refering to the Jen that posted the previous comment.


    Oh, & I loved the tacky ‘almost nude men’ pics :-D
    Gosh, if only Keanu would have posed like that with the ‘Hi Krix’ sign! Wahey, I would have send YOU a price then! :-)

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