Daily Archive for September 3rd, 2003

No game.

A while back, when Sharky went on an exciting trip, we played a little game here at jozjozjoz.com… the Where In The World Is Sharky The Kid™ Game? You may also recognize this game as the WITWISK™ Game or maybe The Game That Joz Has Yet To Officially End And Send Prizes Out For Even Though Sharky The Kid Has Been Home For Months Now™.

I bring TGTJHYTOEASPOFETSTKHBHFMN™ up for two reasons:

1) I have the prizes. They are at home in a paper bag by my desk & have been there for months. I have to box them and send them out. I suck. I know this. Sorry!

2) ProfessorEric has left town and is headed toward another land. Rather than play another guessing game, I will just tell you that he is headed off the Kansas. Heaven help Dorothy & Toto. Oh, and I miss him to bits already.

Ever have one of those days…

…where all you want to do is break things?

Spray cheeze fight!

It may be Tracy’s idea, but I’m getting the first shot out there.


Ok, so the spray cheeze isn’t quite as scary as my can of Joz-Whup-Ass™, but it is probably worse for your arteries.

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