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I’ll take one of these.

Yeah, I think I could live if someone gave me one of these for my birthday or something.

Must go update my Amazon Wishlist.

Hee hee.

when the cat’s away….

the yoshi will play!

things i did this weekend while my girlfriend was in vegas watching strippers:

made 3 cd’s worth of music for my brother’s wedding–over three hours of music for the reception. you have your standard wedding fare (at least standard at any wedding where my family is involved) of funk, disco, hip-hop, and oldies, and then there’s the stuff for the bride–music you’d find on dawson’s creek, buffy, or movies like serendipity and bounce. eeek.
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Eerie story from Erie

I’m still recovering from my weekend. Here is a strange story I read this morning. All I can say is “What the hell?!?!” -jozjozjoz


Photo of pizza man’s cane gun shown
FBI also offers $50,000 reward for information in bank heist

The FBI on Thursday released this photo of the cane gun found in the possession of pizza deliveryman Brian Wells.

This thing is freaky looking, no?


ERIE, Pa., Sept. 25 — Investigators looking into the death of a pizza deliveryman who was killed when a bomb locked around his neck exploded after he robbed a bank released photos Thursday of a strange cane-shaped firearm found in the man’s car and offered a $50,000 reward for information in the case. Wells, 46, died when the bomb locked on his neck exploded shortly after his arrest on Aug. 28.
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I am grateful to be home.

Especially because it took me SEVEN hours to get home from Vegas.

Damn Sunday night traffic. (My fault for leaving late.)

Thanks to everyone who stayed with me on the phone (the entire way there and the entire way back) so I didn’t have to feel alone in the desert for a single moment. You rawk!

Off I go!

I’m leaving yoshi, sharky, professoreric, and tcubed in charge!

Vegas, here I come! (Getting my dialing finger ready)

So even though I don’t get to see Krix on my trip to Vegas this weekend, I’m excited because I found out that my friend, Mike Carlucci (radio/sports announcer, longtime Dodger PA announcer) will be in Vegas this weekend to call a L.A. Kings (vs. the Colorado Avalanche) game at the MGM Grand!

Even though I will be busy running around the Strip with my cousin & her friends, I’m going to make time to see Mike, who I haven’t seen since I visited him while he was calling a Dodger game for the 4th of July about 2-3 years ago.

I will also spend most of my drive across the desert (to and from) listening to CDs or Books on Tape, or making phone calls (hooray for free weekend minutes and free long distance!). So among others, Cheyenne, Heather, Krix, Don, Ericalynn, Kevin & Ginny, Michael, and Mikey2 will be getting calls from me. I also promised Genevieve Gallen a call (we have much to catch up on!).

Do I owe you a call?

You’d better make sure I have your # before I go… :P

I’m a dumbass. (Reason #24651353)

I let some time pass before writing this so that maybe I would not feel like such a dumbass. Despite the fact that a week has gone by, the feeling has not subsided. I realize that there’s no denying it, so I may as well embrace it.

What did I do this time?

Remember how last week, I was complaining that it would be $530 (plus tax) to bail my car out of the dealership?

I had left the car at the dealership all day while I was at work, figuring that I wouldn’t need my car until I needed to drive home. I was able to arrange lunch with my friend (former co-worker) A.C. at a Thai place that was within walking distance, so I didn’t need my car to go out to lunch, either.

So, like my usual workaholic self, I was working my ass off on a fine Friday afternoon, despite the fact that my boss was out of the office for the day. Although I COULD HAVE/SHOULD HAVE left early, I stayed late to work on some projects that I really wanted done before the weekend.

Before I knew it, it was 6:30 and I realized I should probably go bail my car out. A.C. had offered to take me to get my car (It turns out that AC lives 2 blocks away from our Lot!), so I called him to pick me up. In 5 minutes, I was hopping into his Jeep, on the way to the dealership.

As we got there, I saw the dealership dudes closing the gates. They close at 6:30 on Fridays! I begged and begged the dude to let me get my car, but I could see the cashiers were already outside and there was nothing they could do. “See you tomorrow,” were NOT words I wanted to hear at that moment.

My car had to spend the night in maintanence jail because I was too dumb to leave work on time & go get my car when I was supposed to. A.C. was a total sweetie and drove me all the way across town during Friday traffic so I could get home at a decent hour. It’s a good thing he did. When I told Yoshi what I’d done, the response was, “I’m not picking you up.” Good thing I was already in A.C.’s car and on the way home when I called. Otherwise, I would have been stranded with nothing but my bags of work in Hollywood on a Friday night.

Anyway, Yoshi and I woke up early and drove all the way back across town on Saturday morning so I could go pay the $550 ransom and since I was right near work, I spent another 4 hours in the office doing work (isn’t that what got me in trouble in the first place?).

I was mad and grumpy when I bailed my car out AND IT HADN’T BEEN CLEANSED even though it was clearly stated on the work order that my vehicle was to be washed. After paying $550, you’d think the least I’d get is a free car wash. (Trust me, it was totally disgusting and dusty.) I complained that my car was still dirty when the dealership dude was releasing the car back to me (he was on his cell phone while doing all this) and he said “Next time, I promise.” WHATEVER!

Aside from being grumpy that my car was still dirty, I was also miffed they did not put the tire cover back on my spare (it’s pretty hard to do and I asked them to do it). I ended up going to the office, paying an extra $15 for the car wash guys at the Lot to make my car nice and sparkly (the way I was hoping it’d be after paying the ransom). It’s now Thursday and my tire cover is still sitting in my trunk (instead of on my spare tire)… grrrr!

So now I’m $565 poorer, but my car is running well & everything is ship-shape. At least I know I’ve done my part to make sure my drive across the desert this weekend will be a safe one.

date night

yes, from time to time, jozjozjoz and i have date night. one night where we have dinner in a restaurant instead of in front of our computers, attend a concert or show or something, and then return home to sit in front of our respective computers until we are crosseyed and have to go to bed so we can get up and go to work the next morning.

ok, so this happens once every three or four months. we suck at date night.

but tonight we actually had dinner together at ciudad downtown and went to varekai.
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Oh yeah!


We are going to see Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai tonight at the Staples Center!

UPDATE: Mike has informed me that Wil & Anne were at the same show as we were. No, I didn’t see them. I guess it’s a good thing that Yoshi & I didn’t run into “my boyfriend, Wil” on our date night.

Gotta keep myself busy somehow…

My gf is in Vienna, Austria visiting her family, and i’m going nuts trying to keep myself busy to pass the time away until she gets back. Usually time flys – especially when you are having fun, but I’m not having fun, all work and no play makes sharky go insane!

To keep myself busy and amused during the day I do a bit of work, chat up some friends, bug jozjozjoz, and surf the net. One of my favorite places to visit on a daily basis is Skurdycat’s blog site. I’m so loving the adorable photo of Jen as a child, I’m sure you’ll like it too. She recently posted this great link to a UK website that’s kept me quite busy this morning (and keeping me from working). It’s a slang website and you type in a word and it gives you the Brit slang for it. So I thought I’d share it with you all …. here are some phrases I typed in:

n. an inquiry of health, and confirmation of same.
“Hey there, old chap – jozjozjoz?” “Jozjozjoz.”

v. to kiss violence.
“We should yoshi, girl.”

professor eric
adj. more exceptional than usual.
“Do you like my girl, Jackie?” “Yeah, it’s professor eric.”

n. a type of television programme.
“Check out that tcubed, buddy!”

sharky the kid
n. a particularly irritating girl.
“What’s with the sharky the kid, Billy?”

adj. colourful.
“Girl, you’re so Denise.”

Interesting that they are sooooo eerily on the mark *wink*

Bussi Bussi Bussi mein schatz

(Also seen at jewdez and snazzykat)

Another Public Service Announcement from the ::jozjozjoz:: Network: WARNING! No ice in the ass!

If you party too hard and pass out, do not try to revive yourself like this.

Thanks to OutOutBlogger, who sent me the link in the first place.

me (11:48:48 AM): Did you blog about this yet?
OutOutBlogger (11:48:57 AM): no, but i’m thinking about it
her (11:49:18 AM): did you want to?
me (11:49:42 AM): I might
her (11:49:47 AM): sure. go ahead.
me (11:49:47 AM): I sent it to my friends via IM
me (11:49:52 AM): They are cracking up
me (11:49:55 AM): No pun intended
her (11:49:59 AM): har har

So here are some of the IMs I exchanged with other friends about this…

(after sending him the link)
plasticfruit (11:51:19 AM): you know….
him (11:51:25 AM): I could have told you THAT
me (11:52:32 AM): Come on!
me (11:52:54 AM): Isn’t that the most logical way of reviving someone who has passed out from an OD?
him (11:53:18 AM): OMG – you made me spew water
him (11:53:23 AM): hahahahahahahaa
me (11:55:24 AM): Don’t forget that this weekend if someone passes out while line dancing
me (11:55:44 AM): Although it may be very tempting to rip their pants off and shove ice up their asses, IT MAY NOT BE SAFE!
me (11:56:18 AM): *This concludes the public service announcement from jozjozjoz. We now return to our regular programming.*
him (11:57:10 AM): bwaahahahahaha

BUT WAIT! There’s more…
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Buttery Jesus

You all need to praise the Butter Jesus. Do you not remember he was pasteurized for our sins?

Our buttery savior

Found at: jesusoftheweek

And more in-depth at: Duffy’s Website

Curious how we came across this Midwestern delight? “Hurl Some More” to hear me tell the short story long…
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The jozjozjoz dance

I’ve received tons of some requests from people wanting to see the jozjozjoz dance.

Well, here you go. (Every word is a link to a different dance.)

Thanks to fridayfishwrap for the link. :)

Joz Jammy Jam

This past Saturday night, I had the pleasure of attending another bridal shower for (another) cousin who is getting married this year. Because her mother works during the day, the shower was planned for the evening (pajama party) so she could attend. Despite the fact that so many people were late (myself included) due to horrendous traffic and road closures, it was a very nice, fun shower. I’ll write more about the shower itself and put up some pictures in a separate post.

I’m really looking forward to this wedding because I get to geek out at some of the cool gadgets they’ll have there. The bride and groom had won the grand prize for the HP Signature Style Wedding Contest. Check out the prize list! HP gave them a whole mess of really cool stuff, including homework (homework = not so cool). A group of seven of us stayed until 1:30am for the “Assembly After Party” (to fold, stuff, punch holes, & tie the beautiful, elaborate programs that were specially designed for them (paid for by HP) and printed on expensive handmade metallic silver paper (also paid for by HP) using the brand new HP printer (not available yet on the market) that she won.

One of the coolest things about the party is that we took digital pictures and then were immediately able to print them out on (one of the) HP Photosmart 230 Printers she won. It was very cool. Instant gratification at its best.

Anyway, here’s a picture of me and my bear right after getting home from the party. My friend James already told me I looked like a raver, which cracks me up because I’m sooo not a raver-chick (hey! I’m not wearing a pacifier nor am I sucking on a lollipop!). (Can you see Joz saying “PLUR”?! Ha!)

No, I'm not a raver!
Joz Jammy Jam

Next weekend, we all head out to Vegas for the bachelorette party. The rumor is that we’ll be going to see The Thunder From Down Under and then go dancing the night away. Perhaps we will get another cheesy photo with hot, half-naked, sweaty guys to add to my collection.

BTW, I’m quite disappointed I won’t get to see Krix this weekend… she’s coming to L.A. for the weekend! We are going to wave at each other as we pass each other on the I-15.

Why is this necessary?

This was originally an email to Joz, but I thought I’d throw it out there for some more comments and thoughts…

I finally uploaded my pictures from my trip out here to Wichita, and remembered this bizarre billboard that i had to take a picture of.

Is this sign necessary?

Here are my questions: Why are the quotation marks necessary? Who are they
quoting? And most importantly, what has happened or rather how many times has something happened to make them feel necessary to put up this billboard? I am also curious if any statistics have been taken about the success of this sign. has the rate decrease? has it given more people ideas they shouldn’t have? hmmmm… so many questions for one roadside sign…. i wish the answere was as easy to gather as the Alien Fresh Jerky sign that you pass on the way to vegas (it is just a shack that sells jerky… i believe there is even a website.)

remember the days of good ol’ fashioned billboards? what has happened? and why is the bible belt so fucking weird… “the world may never know” (as a tootsie-pop commercial once said.)


Yes, we have no red carpet images…

Sorry Joz baby and all of the blog fans – I let you down. I feel really bad. Thursday night when I went to the Secondhand Lions premiere down in Westwood, I was running late, and completely forgot my cell phone and camera! Thus there are no red carpet photos of anyone.

So to make it up to you all, I’m posting a photo of the Yummy-licious Ms. Jennifer Garner who was at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon the Sunday before the premiere. It was a fun day out at the beach watching all the athletes compete, also a good place to star watch, as well as cheering on my sweetheart who did her very first triathlon (Congrats sweetie, i’m so proud of you!)

Before the race, I talked for a few minutes with former Ironman Triathlon Champ Aussie Greg Welch (who was cheering on his wife Sian Welch), Actor William H. Macy (who is so good looking in person) we chatted a bit about his cycling leg of a relay team – and his beautiful and talented wife Felicity Huffman was running the anchor leg of the team. And there were other stars scattered around here and there. So without further delay… the gorgeous and oh so talented…… Ms. Jennifer Garner
garner shark 1.jpg

4am and I’m just getting in from another full day of running around.

That is all.

Guess who’s at the office this fine Saturday afternoon?

Yup, me.

At Office #1. And no giant Diet Coke for me to find solace in.


UPDATED: 2/22/2004: Comments closed due to spammers.

Final ransom amount: $530 (plus tax)

That’s right! The car dealership service department is holding my car hostage and I must pay $530 (plus tax) to get it back!

Ok, so I brought it in to do the yearly maintenance ($140). I asked them to check my tires (I knew there was a giant bolt/nail in the spare) and they found giant nails in my spare tire AND my right front tire ($30 to patch). I’ve had this ongoing problem starting the car & it turns out they have to replace the idle air control valve and clean the throttle body ($360). All of this is including coupons and discounts.

At least my brakes are fine. I shouldn’t complain… at least I have a (pretty) nice car to drive my ass around town.

Plus, they’re going to wash the sucker for me so it’ll be nice and shiny when I get it back. It’s the least they can do after sucking me dry.

I mean $530 is enough to fly one of my cabana boys out for a weekend… you know?

Went to bed late, got up early!

Got to bed around 3:40am.

Woke up around 7am. Had to stop by Office #2 & then drop off my very badly abused car at the dealership for its yearly maintenance.

At the Office #1 early… all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Or something.

I must be delirious to be in such a good mood after so little sleep… or maybe I’m just craving another giant Diet Coke.

I tried, I really tried… (to sleep)

After drinking my 52 oz., I left Office #2 at a very decent 12:30, getting home around 12:45. I did a bit of work and got in the shower and was in bed by 1:30.

Except that either the caffeine kicked in or (more likely) I was not exhausted enough to fall asleep, knowing I had some major tasks I hadn’t yet finished.

Now it’s heading to 2:00am and I’ve gotten back up to work some more… wheeee!

Another 52 oz. Diet Coke means…

… another late night at Office #2.

This is getting old. Is it sad that I get excited about my giant Diet Coke when I have to stay late at the office?

I have it on good authority…

… that our very own Sharky The Kid will be walking the red carpet tonight at the Westwood premiere of Secondhand Lions!

The movie stars Haley Joel Osment (Walter), Michael Caine (Garth McCaan), Robert Duvall (Hub McCaan), Josh Lucas (Adult Walter), Nicky Katt, Michael O’Neill, Kyra Sedgwick (Mae), Emmanuelle Vaugier; etc.

I’ve already checked and Sharky *IS* bringing a camera. Let’s hope we can convince her to share some nice fotos from the premiere!

Secondhand Lions Official Site & Yahoo Site

Help me… I’m drowning in work!

Anyone willing to throw me a lifesaver?

As usual, I’m overworked, underpaid, but I’m unusually stressed out and overwhelmed.

Well at least I’m not being sued my by grandmother…

Eminem Being Sued By Grandmother
Woman Claims She’s Not Been Paid For Use Of Music

POSTED: 1:09 p.m. EDT September 18, 2003
UPDATED: 3:20 p.m. EDT September 18, 2003

Eminem is feeling the heat from a 70-year-old grandmother over a piece of her late husband’s music.
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Joz3: The Movie… It makes me sound like a threat to pussies everywhere!

Thank you to Michael for his homage to my upcoming movie. Thanks also for the contribution to the Joz3 Soundtrack™.

The Movie
I don’t know about the tagline, though. Then again, anything that makes me seem mean and threatening without involving my can of Joz Whup-Ass™ cracks me up (even if it does makes me sound like a total perv).

P.S. – I have no idea why he makes it seem like I’ve been sitting here, talking to him about my pussy! I am a lady! I said no such things in mixed company! :)

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