Another Bachelorette party… this time with mostly naked guys

When my cousin had her bachelorette party last month & made it a spa day with dinner & dancing at the Sunset Room, I was so excited about going to the spa, I put a little countdown on my blog until the time for my massage.

On Saturday night, I attended the bachelorette party for my friend, who wanted to go to a male strip club. My idea of fun is NOT seeing sweaty, half-naked guys gyrate and grind themselves on my friends for dollar bills. However, seeing as I have the honor of being the Honorary Maid of Honor (don’t ask) for the wedding, I had no choice but to go. Nonetheless, I did have a good time.

The evening started off with an early dinner at Maggiano’s at The Grove/Farmer’s Market. After a very yummy dinner, we headed to the strip club, where there were probably 6 different bachelorette parties going on. The Chippendales-esque show was held in WeHo at “The NEW Club 7969” (I haven’t been there in years… the last time I was there, it was still Peanuts/Michelle’s and I went on drag night where all the men were 100,000 times more beautiful than I!).

Here is a photo of the group of us at the male strip club. To protect the innocent, I’ve blocked out the faces of the bride-to-be and her friends. And in the case of the not-so-innocent (me), please keep to yourself how big my smile is in that photo. It was fun, ok? You should note that the “innocent” girls all have huge silly grins on their faces, too.

jozjozjoz meets The Hollywood Men

After the show, we headed to Miyagi’s and did some dancing. The bride-to-be wanted to check out Beauty Bar, so we made an early exit. On the way to Hollywood, we stopped off at the Pleasure Chest so I could buy the bride & groom some fun stuff for the honeymoon. What a good Honorary Maid of Honor I am! (I should note that the bachelorette lucked out & didn’t have to wear a veil, condoms, or penis paraphenalia because the stuff had accidentally been left at home.) I didn’t buy my friend anything hardcore, but her little gift package included new lingerie, a set of edible bra and undies, a feather tickler, and some Motion Lotion. Oh and I bought her a Playgirl, so she wouldn’t feel disappointed for not getting to see it “all” at the strip club.

We headed to Hollywood for Beauty Bar, but it was 1:30 and the line was out the door and around the corner & neither of us wanted to wait in line (I had to work on Sunday morning).

We called it a night and got to her home past 2am, beating the bachelor home by approx 15 minutes. By the time I got back to my home, it was almost 3:30 am. There is another story about what happened when I got home, but I will say that despite coming home with a feather tickler of my own from the Pleasure Chest, I did not stay up for anything fun.

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13 Responses to “Another Bachelorette party… this time with mostly naked guys”

  • Wow! That sounds awesome. That’s a great picture too.

  • That picture is tooooo funny.

    Maggiano’s is like, the best ever too.

  • I demand equal time for the guys… where are the half drunk future brides-maids who are groping the male dancers!

  • How fun! and Beauty Bar sounds very fun (I checked the site), I wanna go to happy hour next time I’m there!

  • Beauty Bar…is that the one where they do your nails and hair while you drink?

  • looks like a good time was had by all :D

  • I wanna live in a big city and be able to do fun stuff :D

    What a funny photo LOL

  • Such a double standard! I have never understood why male strippers don’t completely undress but female stippers do. Is there a law or something? Damnit!

  • So I was agoraphobitchen’ to my man about these parties and as to how if he had one, I would have to outdo his. I would never want to know what went on at his…and at the same time always be collecting bits and pieces of the one night puzzle…in a catty jealous agoraphobitchen’ way. Since I do not get out much, I assume the women get to see some orchestrated “show” controlled by the male dancers. Where as, female strippers are paraded on stage and available “intimately” for a little $20 bizzle and grizzle. I felt overwhelmed by the options out there for male bachelor parties…and felt there was not the “market” for women to outdo their counterparts. Therefore, I ruled these parties are very primitive and animalistic, like boxing and hunting, and that we as a society should have evolved past Psychotherapy Inducing Lewd Traditions! [PILT](or at least until we have more men able to let it “all hang out” in the sacred name of PILT). My man replied “I like boxing”. I guess that meant I need start planning my bitchelorette party now!!! Chino (/ work with me!!!

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    Girls are more wild than the boys..don’t we know :)

  • I was not able to see the picture, can it be sent to my e-mail? Nov. 11 is my 21st b-day and I want to go to a male review. I ve never been clubbin, where are the good male reviews in northern Jersey? e-mail me

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