Welcome Sharky the Kid!

Apologies for not properly welcoming and introducing the newest member of the ‘jozjozjoz networkâ„¢.’ I have been overworked, underpaid, and incredibly sleep-deprived. I’ve spent much of my Sunday recuperating. All I’ve done today is eat, sleep, nap, and look at blogs.

Luckily, it looks like Sharky the Kid has managed to settle it in quite nicely. So anyway, please welcome *tah-dah!* SHARKY THE KID!

Some things you should know about Sharky:
1) Sharky is not my kid. Don’t ask me how old Sharky is. Sharky is not jailbait.
2) Just because ‘Sharky the Kid’ writes on jawsjawsjaws.com jozjozjoz.com doesn’t mean I have a shark theme here… yet.
3) Sharky really is single & quite a catch. You’d be lucky to reel in a date with Sharky. No crabby people allowed. [Hey! Stop throwing tomatoes!] Ok, I’ll stop with the shark/fishing puns now. But you DO realize that if you want to go out with with Sharky, you must meet with my approval. Or bribe me.

And as I said when Hunny Yoshi started posting things:

Please be nice and leave lots of comments, so maybe there will be more Hunnyposts Sharkyposts in the future.

Of course, if you start neglecting me, I will be mad… so don’t forget to leave me lots of comments, too. [Or have you forgotten that I’m a comment whore?]

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