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Everyone on our Lot just received this e-mail from one of the folks in operations… oh yay. Unfortunately, I have no idea where the “old scenic shop” is…

WITWISTK? Game™: Clue #10

Clue #10: Sharky does something similar to what character “Franc” did in a comedy movie.

WITWISTK? Game™: Winner #2

We have Winner #2!

Question #2: Where will Sharky be staying during her business trip? was correctly answered by Tracy who guessed that Sharky the Kid is staying at The Plaza Hotel (which has 805 guest rooms). Her work is putting her up in a suite there for her trip… lucky gal!

You may have noticed that Sharky has popped in and made some comments here and there… little clues, as it may be! I am remiss in getting the prize list up… been out & about the last couple of days… I hope to have it up before the game is over!

Now for Question #3: What is Sharky doing during her business trip? Or what is Sharky doing in NYC? (“Business” or “work” are not acceptable answers”)

WITWISTK? Game™: Clue #9

Clue #9: In New York City, Sharky is staying in a hotel that has more than 800 guest rooms.

Jack loves Joz!

Courtesy of James, my Hot-Asian-Guy-Friend-Who-Hits-On-Me-Via-Drunk-IM™. No girl should be without a hot guy who hits on her only when he’s completely fit-shaced.

James was kind enough to snap this shot of Jack Osbourne and his TRUE FEELINGS about jozjozjoz with his picture phone. (I *SO* need one of those!)


WITWISTK? Game™: Winner #1!

We have our first winner!

TJ has correctly answered Question #1 (What town/city, State/Province/Region, and Country is Sharky’s business trip in?) with his guess of NYC. Sharky flew into JFK airport (along Jamaica Bay) yesterday after leaving LAX the same day.

Now on to Question #2:
Where will Sharky be staying during her business trip?

A list of rules and clues can now be found on the left side bar, under the random photo.

I’m still putting together the prize list, so stay tuned for that!

WITWISTK? Game™: Clue #8

Clue #8: Sharky is not leaving the country.


I just found out my boss keeps a set of walkie talkies in the office so that when he roams the lot, I can reach him if I need him.

He keeps accidentally hitting the “page” button & the channel we are on keeps blasting some crazy lady talking about going to the beach.

I want to turn it offfffff!

WITWISTK? Game™: Clue #7

Clue #7: Sharky’s flight to destination #1 today took approx. 5 hours & 15 minutes.

WITWISTK? Game™: Clue #6

Clue #6: Sharky’s first destination is in North America. (There are generally no llamas where she is going, but you never know.)

WITWISTK? Game™: Clue #5

Clue #5: Sharky departed LAX today & will arrive at destination #1 on the same day.

Llama Mama

There is a llama in the parking lot.

You people don’t believe me?

Here’s the llama’s ass as proof!


Originally uploaded at

WITWISTK? Game™: Clue #4

Clue #4: Sharky’s first destination (business trip destination) is not in Asia.

WITWISTK? Game™: Clue #3

Clue #3: The airport Sharky is flying into is located along a bay.

WITWISTK? Game™: Clue #2

Clue #2: Sharky’s flight to destination #1 (business trip) will take more than 5 hours. It is non-stop.

It would only be funnier if…

…jozjozjoz had to explain it all to her parents…

so jozjozjoz & her parents were at her grandma’s house to visit. her parents were going through some cabinets while joz was in the other room and they were finding all sorts of stuff that had been liberated from their house at one time or another. they found a selection of video tapes, some labeled, some not. mom found one with joz’s handwriting on the label. it read, “do it debbie’s way.”

[all in mandarin]
jozmom: what’s “do it debbie’s way?”
jozdad: how should i know?
mom: but it’s jocelyn’s writing, what do you think it is?
dad: it’s porn.
mom: WHAT?!!??! [silence as they stare at each other.]

i think joz had heard enough cuz the next thing they knew, joz swept into the room, grabbed the tape and mumbled, “i’ll take care of it.” as she went out the door.
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WITWISTK? Game™: Clue #1

Clue #1: Sharky is arriving to her city of her business trip city via airplane.

WITWISTK? Gameâ„¢ Rules & Guidelines

What would a game be without some rules and guidelines?

Here are some things for you to know about the Where in the World is Sharky The Kid? Game™

1) Questions about the WITWISTK? Game™ will not be answered privately via IM or email. No cheating! If you want to ask questions via comments, they are encouraged, but I may or may not answer them. Your questions may help shape the clues, so feel free to ask! There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask via comments.

2) People who work with/are friends with Sharky the Kid are NOT eligible to play. If you already know where she works or where she’s going, don’t ruin this for everyone else!

3) Your guesses need to be submitted as comments to the various clues. Please make sure you state clearly that you are making a guess & clearly note which question you are attempting to answer. If it’s not clear, I won’t accept your guess. There is a limit of 3 guesses per question (don’t send in 12,470,983,740 guesses per question, I won’t accept them!)

Prizes will be awarded to the first person who correctly answers:

#1: What town/city, State/Province/Region, and Country is Sharky’s business trip in?
#2: Where will Sharky be staying during her business trip?
#3: What is Sharky doing during her business trip? (“Business” or “work” are not acceptable answers”)
#4: Where is Sharky going after her business trip? (Where is destination #2?)
#5: Where is destination #3?
#6: Where is destination #4?
#7: Question TBA.

So that there will be multiple winners, each winner is only eligible to win one prize in this game. You must be willing to email me (privately) your name & mailing address so I can mail you your prize. If not, your prize is forfeited and all you will get is your name in my blog for being one of the winners of the WITWISTK? Game™.

Ok, I think that’s enough… clues will start being published tomorrow (Wednesday, June 25)!

I plan to post a prize list up soon, too. Feel free to pimp this game if you’d like… I’m feeling quite pimpable today! (Don’t tell Yosh!)


I didn’t do it.

Actually, I did.

I just knocked over the white board behind my desk in my office & it came crashing down (loudly) to the floor.

Dry-erase markers of all colors are scattered all over the place. I can’t put it back up until I get a hammer, some nails, and my heartrate down to normal.

No more custom white board art for a while, I guess.

For once, I’m NOT tired!

At the expense of all the things I was supposed to take care of last night, I konked out sometime between 9:30-10pm last night… probably a new record for me (not counting when I was sick or something).

Of course, I had been working until 8:30pm last night, and my family called like 5 times around 11pm, but I got to SLEEP! Wheeeeeeee!

And I slept in until almost 7:30am! That’s almost TEN WHOLE HOURS!

This is the first time in a month+ that I’m not feeling like I could fall asleep at any given moment.

It’s quite a refreshing feeling!

Screw Carmen Sandiego and Matt Lauer… Where in the World is Sharky the Kid?

Sharky just called me and told me that she (yes, SHE) is leaving on a business trip later this week.

So here’s the deal, we’ve decided to play a game with anyone who is interested and YES! THERE WILL BE PRIZES!

We’ll be posting hints of Sharky’s destinations, hints of where she’s staying, etc… and the winner(s) will get something from jozjozjoz.

Also, if there are any hot ladies (yes, LADIES) out there who want to meet Sharky, we might even drop clues as to where you can meet her. Or you could bypass all the fun & games and just bribe me.

[I have now officially taken pimpin’ my friends to a whole new level.]

Stay tuned for more…

The Ring is back where it belongs again…

That sounded an awful lot like something a Hobbit might’ve said. Anyway…

Over the weekend, Yosh went to the jeweler & picked up my ring… it’s now newly cleaned & sparkly… sporting a well (but not perfectly) matched sapphire where the other one fell out!

*does the yay! clap that mikey was talking about*

Welcome Sharky the Kid!

Apologies for not properly welcoming and introducing the newest member of the ‘jozjozjoz networkâ„¢.’ I have been overworked, underpaid, and incredibly sleep-deprived. I’ve spent much of my Sunday recuperating. All I’ve done today is eat, sleep, nap, and look at blogs.

Luckily, it looks like Sharky the Kid has managed to settle it in quite nicely. So anyway, please welcome *tah-dah!* SHARKY THE KID!

Some things you should know about Sharky:
1) Sharky is not my kid. Don’t ask me how old Sharky is. Sharky is not jailbait.
2) Just because ‘Sharky the Kid’ writes on doesn’t mean I have a shark theme here… yet.
3) Sharky really is single & quite a catch. You’d be lucky to reel in a date with Sharky. No crabby people allowed. [Hey! Stop throwing tomatoes!] Ok, I’ll stop with the shark/fishing puns now. But you DO realize that if you want to go out with with Sharky, you must meet with my approval. Or bribe me.

And as I said when Hunny Yoshi started posting things:

Please be nice and leave lots of comments, so maybe there will be more Hunnyposts Sharkyposts in the future.

Of course, if you start neglecting me, I will be mad… so don’t forget to leave me lots of comments, too. [Or have you forgotten that I’m a comment whore?]

Welcome to the first day of summer?

Since jozjozjoz will probably be wiped out tonight when she gets home, thought I’d help her out by adding an entry for today. Let me introduce myself, I’m Sharky the Kid – the friend, the neighbor, the single and attractive…. oh wait, that’s for another website.

I love the first day of summer, it ranks right up there with Christmas, my birthday and Halloween. Why? It’s the one day of the year, where we are “supposed” to have the most light from the sun into the evening. I look forward to those days when I get home and it’s still light out for hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween and the bewitching hour, but it just sucks when you leave for work when it’s still kinda dark, and you get home when it’s dark. Can anyone out there relate?

So I’m totally looking forward to today – it’s the weekend, which makes today even greater… and in Los Angeles, where it’s sunny all the time – who could ask for anything more? So I wake up all excited and look out my window……

and it’s f@#!ing raining! For God sakes, it’s the first f@#!ing day of Summer and its f@#!ing raining!

I’m moving to San Diego or somewhere where they have more sunshine…….



Mikey2, my anti-pimp.

That is all.