Daily Archive for May 31st, 2003

If you’re going to have a dog, don’t be a dumbass.

We decided that we were going to take my ring back to the jeweler today to have a new sapphire matched & put in to replace the MIA rock.

As Hunny and I were heading home this afternoon to get the ring, we were surprised to see a big ol’ rottie running all over the street. She was wearing a harness (which was obviously doing her absolutely no good at the moment) and was running all over the (very busy) street, nearly being hit by cars on more than one occasion.

Our friend Sharky the Kid (you may have seen her comments here and there) has several neighbors with rotties, so we called her to ask if she’d call and check that the doggies were at home. When I got to her block, her neighbors were outside saying their doggies were ok. They were still very concerned and got in their car to see if they could figure whose rottie was loose.

Meanwhile, Hunny was back by the park, trying to chase the loose rottie down & keep her out of the street, as well as off of the baseball field where many children were playing their little league games.

In the end, the loose rottie DID run into the baseball fields (ACK), which turned out to be a good thing. Her dad was watching one of the baseball games.

It turns out he had come to watch a game but did not realize that it was a “no dogs allowed” field, so he left her in his truck with the windows rolled halfway down. Of course, she freaked out and jumped out of the window & that’s where we found her roaming the streets. I’m not sure if I feel good that the not-loose-anymore rottie was going home with someone so dumb. Oh well.

It was worth 30 minutes of our day to know that the rottie was not going to be roadkill. Happy endings rule.

No rock


Do you think I’ll ever stop looking?

Everytime I walk around my office, or down the halls, or up the stairs, or across the parking lot, or get in my car, I will be looking for my rock.

I just know it.

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