Daily Archive for May 30th, 2003

Just as sucky…

as Bootsy being MIA

is that one of the deep-blue, heart-shaped sapphires that flanked the diamond of the ring that Hunny gave me is MIA!!!


Mikey2 and I were talking about the ring he’s going to buy me (if his Mom thinks it’s good enough for me) and I looked down at my perfect, beautiful ring from Hunny and *ACK!* missing stone! Upon closer inspection, it looks like one of the prongy-thingies holding the stone in broke off & bye-bye rock. I thought platinum wasn’t supposed to break, dammit.

I’d have burst into tears had my boss not been sitting within hearing range in the next office.

It’s nowhere on my desk and if it’s not in the office, then there is no hope of me ever finding it. Stooopid blue-grey carpet in the office. I didn’t even bang or smash my hand on anything, that I can remember.

I’m going to have to stay late until after my boss leaves the office to crawl around on my hands and knees before the cleaning crew comes to vacuum.

[Say a little “hope-Joz-finds-her-rock wish” for me!]

I also miss…


He’s MIA & I don’t like it one bit.

Any ideas what might have happened to him?!

I miss Eric…

Eric is on hiatus right now so I don’t get to see him at work anymore.

This and this are just for him.

(Let me know your favorites!)

Eric shares with us his gratitude for today:
I am grateful that I am not nearly as stupid as most people.

I’m reminded on a daily basis, especially by the ones that call me up here at the *other job* that I have a capable mind that I am grateful for.

(See why I miss him?)

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